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My Gilty Pleasure: Gold Painted Flowerpots

I’m pleasantly surprised at what a little gold paint can do to transform a plain, old flowerpot. My new “gilty” pleasure is to gilt everything in sight, because the results are so brilliant in such a short period of time. With a bit of experimentation and some different textured pots, I think these gold-painted flowerpots are the most expensive-looking transformation I have done!How to get brilliant shine on these DIY gold painted pots

The cap of the can of gold spray-paint has a mirror-like finish and I thought if I could get that kind of shine, it would put the humble terracotta flowerpot on a whole new level. I wasn’t hopeful about the results, knowing full well that terracotta’s porous clay and buffed texture would be pretty hard to get a glassy shine on. The results, however, were beautiful.Terracotta flowerpots

I used three different pots to test the final look.

1. a brand new pot with no texture

Gold painted terracotta pots AFTER Photo2. a pot with a slight brushed texture Gold Painted pot with brushed texture

3. an older pot that had some weatheringtextured gold painted terracotta pot


After I tested the terracotta, I decided to give some plastic nursery pots a shot of paint to see how they would turn out. Now here is where the magic really happened.Cyclamen and other indoor plants in DIY gold painted pots

These plastic pots that cost nothing would normally get tossed in the recycling bin after the plants made their way into the garden. However, with a coat of gold paint, these pots look 24-karat beautiful! And the shine. Oh, the shine. Using these plastic pots gives them that mirror-like shine that makes them look top-shelf.24 karat gold plant pots DIY instructions and tips

Ready to make your own?brilliant shine on these DIY gold painted pots

Here’s how to do it:


Make it!

  • First thing’s first: scrub that pot. Don’t skip this step or take a shortcut. Get out the soap and warm water and give the pot a nice, thorough scrubbing. Rinse it well and allow it to dry completely. You will thank me later for making sure you got it nice and clean when you have a perfect finish on the final pot.Plastic nursery plant pots
  • Get your safety equipment: safety glasses, mask, gloves, and cardboard to protect the surface you are spraying the paint on. Set up the cardboard or drop cloth OUTSIDE in a well-ventilated area. I know, I know, I’m starting to sound like your mom now. Just use your common sense and remember, safety first! Plus the project is so easy that really it doesn’t need that much instruction. Other than to share some tips that should be useful to you to be successful on the very first try.
  • Set the pots upside down on the cardboard.
  • Shake the paint can for at least one minute and then often throughout spraying. On my first attempt I didn’t shake the can long enough and the paint separated, splattered, and dripped all over my hands. It was a mess! The second time I shook that can for a solid minute and then some, and the finish was perfect.
  • Spray the pots evenly with a thin coat and let dry. Turn over and spray the tops and any parts you missed on the first go around. That’s it, one coat and you are ready to roll. I think mine took 10 minutes to dry. I left them for a few hours anyway, and then set in the plants.Painting plastic pots
  • The instructions on the paint say it is for indoor use so I have used indoor plants. I think that the terracotta pots would do just fine outdoors though, and if the paint starts to fade a bit, it will just add to the look.Gold painted plastic pots

There you have it. Resplendent gold painted flowerpots without breaking the bank or your back!How to transform plant pots with gold paint so they really shine



  1. I have done this to make matching pots. I used black and i have them outside and they seem to be ok. Great idea. Just found your sight and love it.

  2. The gold looks exquisite, but part of that is your expert photography. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to try this tomorrow, since we’re on COVID-19 lockdown!

  3. What about the holes? Won’t water get everywhere inside? Or do you use fake plants?

    • Hi Brittany, great question! I use real plants, always real plants, and I set the pots on trays. I had painted those gold as well, but just didn’t have them dry in time for the photos. Thanks for asking! It’s important to use drip trays and plants with drainage holes fore healthy plants and protected surfaces.

  4. Hi great idea and I’m anxious to try it. I was confused by the many different Rust Oleum gold spray paints. They all listed different dry times. Which ones do you recommend? I am looking for a matte gold. Thanks, Barbara


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