Flower Pot Wreath From 32 Terracotta Pot Hacks.

32 Terracotta Pot Hacks to Liven Up Your Home and Garden

Terracotta pots are my favorite containers to use in the garden. They are inexpensive, available in many different sizes and shapes, and made from natural materials. Even if you use them as is, terracotta pots add beautiful color and texture to any type of potted plant.30+ Terracotta Flower Pot Hacks

Did you know how versatile terracotta pots are? There are some pretty creative terracotta pot hacks out there! Sure, they were made for holding plants, but wait until you see what people have made from them! Here’s a myriad of ideas on how to use terracotta pots in your home and garden.

DIY Terracotta Fountain from 32 Terracotta Pot Hacks


  • Tired of just scattering your terracotta pots around the patio? Then stack them! Creating a “tipsy” stack is easier than you think. Tipsy pots allow you pack in a lot of plants in a small space as well as provide vertical interest in a garden.
  • Keep the critters out of your vegetable patch with this lovely scarecrow maiden.
  • Add a charming lighthouse to your flower garden. It only takes a few supplies to whip up this quick project.
  • This fountain would make a tranquil water feature in any garden.
  • A great way to re-purpose a broken pot is to turn it into a fairy garden.
  • Brighten up your garden with these clay pot critters.

Tipsy Pots from 32 Terracotta Pot Hacks


Painted geometric flower pots from 32 Terracotta Pot Hacks


easy summer centerpiece from 32 Terracotta Pot Hacks


Outdoor Entertaining

s'mores from 32 Terracotta Pot Hacks

Terracotta Tips and Tricks

  • Learn to quickly age terracotta to give it a beautiful patina.
  • Or make it look vintage with this crackle-finish flower pot.
  • Before you try painting the pots you have used before or want to use for new plants, follow these tips on how to clean terracotta pots.
  • Love the look of old, weathered pots covered with moss? Learn how to grow moss on your pots.
  • You can even bake bread in terracotta pots! But first, check out how to season pots before you bake in them.

Faux aged pots from 32 terracotta pot hacks








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