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A Magnificent Magnolia Wreath Brings Cheer to the Season

I love experimenting with different wreaths, and this year I decided to try making one out of magnolia since they produce such gorgeous foliage. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! The glossy leaves with textured undersides create an interesting contrast that looks unique and eye-catching while still maintaining the classic natural look of a fresh wreath.

Make a magnolia wreath

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Magnolias have an interesting botanical characteristic called indumentum, which is a layer of trichomes or small hairy looking bristles covering an area of a plant (in the case of magnolias, it is on the underside of the leaves). Indumentum works to protect plants from insects and help to control water absorption and sun damage.

making a magnolia wreath

While many magnolias are prized in the spring for their scented blooms, Magnolia Grandiflora is known for its foliage. It has attractive, dark green leaves with a rusty brown color peeking out from underneath. The glossy green of the leaves would be attractive enough on its own, but the underside of each leaf is often covered with a thick brown or rust colored indumentum which creates a textural quality that looks like velvet.

How to make a Magnolia Wreath


  • Magnolia Grandiflora branches with leaves intact
  • Wire wreath form
  • Florist paddle wire
  • Incense cedar, juniper berry branches, or seeded eucalyptus (optional)

tools for wreath making

Make it!

To begin, you will need a wire wreath form. Gather your magnolia clippings in small bundles before securing them to the wreath.

Wrap each bundle around the wreath form with wire, overlapping them so that the stems are covered by the leaves of the next bundle. To see detailed instructions for attaching your bundles, head over to my tutorial on how to make an evergreen wreath.

making a magnolia wreathI use twine for most wreaths that are tossed in the compost after the holidays because it is compostable. But for a wreath that will last many months or even years, I use paddle wire.

You can use a set of needle nose pliers to tighten the paddle wire as the branches dry out and shrink. Just turn the wreath over and gently twist the wire to tighten the hold on the branches.

magnolia wreath for the holidays

It’s not necessary to add anything other than magnolia leaves to the wreath, although a few branches of incense cedar, juniper berry branches, or seeded eucalyptus can add a little extra interest. I decided that my plain magnolia wreath needed a little jazzing up.

Magnolia wreath

I love the way this incense cedar looks with the magnolia, plus it has a lovely fragrance, so I added some to my wreath in between the magnolia leaves.

Adding to the wreath

Now it’s perfect!


In most areas, the wreath should last for a few months and look freshly crafted. Over time, the green leaves will fade to brown but the indumentum will stay the same color. The leaves will become more brittle as the wreath ages, so wipe it gently with a soft cloth to clean without breaking the leaves.

Magnolia Varieties

Here are a few different types of magnolia that produce gorgeous foliage. If you are thinking of adding a magnolia to your garden, one of these will be just the thing—even if you only have space for a container garden!

Magnolia Bracken's Brown Beauty from Monrovia

Magnolia Bracken’s Brown Beauty from Monrovia


Most Popular for Cutting Material:

Bracken’s Brown Beauty Magnolia has bright green glossy leaves with a faded brown underside. Hardy in Zones 5-9.

D.D. Blanchard Southern Magnolia has large, very dark green glossy leaves with a bright, rust-colored underside. Hardy in Zones 7-9.

Kay Parris Magnolia has much smaller leaves than the two listed above. The leaves are bright green and glossy, with a velvety underside and wavy edges that create an interesting shape. Hardy in Zones 6-9.

Best for a Small Space:

If you want to grow a magnolia but don’t have a lot of extra room, the Little Gem Dwarf Southern Magnolia is for you! It is bred specifically for container gardening, so you can get the beauty of a magnolia with whatever space limits you have. Hardy in Zones 7-9.

Teddy Bear Southern Magnolia is also a small space dream because of its upright habit. The shiny, deep green leaves have a heavy reddish-brown felt beneath and in the warm months, there are large 6- to 8-inch fragrant white flowers to enjoy. Hardy in Zones 7-9.

Teddy Bear Magnolia from Monrovia

Teddy Bear Magnolia Courtesy of Monrovia

Dramatic Foliage:

For a really stunning display, check out the Alta Southern Magnolia. Its glossy leaves are such a dark green that they look almost black, which contrasts beautifully with the rusty undersides. Hardy in Zones 6-10.

A Magnificent magnolia wreath for the holidays


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  1. Heather Raymond
    Heather RaymondNovember 21,17

    oh my gosh this is a beautiful wreath!

  2. ROTH Patricia
    ROTH PatriciaNovember 21,17

    My mom loved her winter trip to the south. I would love to make a magnolia wreath.

  3. Lynn
    LynnNovember 22,17

    I finally planted a magnolia tree (Sunsation) 2 years ago. It flowered last year and was stunning. Too bad my tree is bare with no leaves. Love the wreath!

  4. Aime
    AimeNovember 22,17

    I love the addition of the cedar and the contrast of the spiky needles with the dark, shiny magnolia leaves. We are having a crazy warm fall in PA. Have you tried preserving branches with glycerin or other preservation methods to prolong the life?

  5. Thelma Bellows
    Thelma BellowsNovember 22,17

    Beautiful. I love the one with the added greens. Magnolia leaves make a stunning all year around wreath. ♥

  6. Thelma Bellows
    Thelma BellowsNovember 22,17

    Beautiful. I love the one with the added greens. Magnolia leaves make a stunning all year around wreath. ♥

  7. Linda Condon
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    I love the magnolia wreath for Fall, especially since I am not into the typical Autumn colors of yellow and orange!

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  10. Janice
    JaniceNovember 22,17

    Unfortunately I had to leave my beautiful magnolia tree that I’d grown from a one gallon stick when we moved last year. After 22 years it was a gorgeous 10 footer loaded with creamy white blossoms. Boo hoo! Will definitely be planting another! Lovely wreath!

  11. Peggy
    PeggyNovember 22,17

    I love the wreath but, unfortunately, the only greenery to be found around here at this time of the year is at a florist shop! 🙁

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    Hope B.November 22,17

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  27. Sharon Lane
    Sharon LaneDecember 4,17

    Thanks for tutorial and info about Magnolias. For years, I’ve used these leaves, paired with branches of Nandina stalks/berries and they last for at least two months.The Southern magnolia in my front yard was planted in mid-1950 and is truly on its last years. They are beautiful but, one word of caution: As they drop old leaves and flower/seed pods, be prepared to let it mulch itself.

  28. Lorri Rauscher
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    Even here in Virginia, most wreaths are made from evergreens. I love this wreath. Gardening has been hard for me ever since I contracted Lyme disease, but I still look forward to small projects. I turned to growing mostly herbs that can be in containers and joined our local herb guild. Truly a healing experience.

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