What Does Flower Color Symbolize

What Does Your Bouquet Say? Flower Color Meaning and Symbolism

Giving flowers is a thoughtful sentiment but are your certain you are sending the right message? Learn about flower color meaning and symbolism to personalize your gift. Send an “I love you” with red gerbera daisies, an “I appreciate everything you do” with calla lilies or a “you’re a great friend” with yellow potted begonias. Or combine colors to share a truly heartfelt bouquet.

Know what you are saying with your bouquet - the meaning of flower colors

Let Your Flowers Speak for Themselves

by Dejan Kristan

Flowers are known for having their own language. It is important to keep these flower color meanings in mind so that your flowers communicate exactly what you intend. One bouquet will tell a passionate love story, while the other will be the tale of a never-ending friendship. You want to send out the right message to your special someone, whether it is ‘I love you,’ ‘I care for you,’ or simply—‘you are a great friend.’

Let’s take a look into the meaning of flower colors:

Red Roses and Eucalyptus in Mason Jar

Red: Undoubtedly, red is the color of passion. Giving a red flower arrangement will communicate your strong and powerful love. With a color the same as the heart, red means seduction, desire and passion. Try red roses, red gerbera daisies, or red tulips.

Say it With Flowers - what PINK flowers mean

Pink: Pink is a color of innocence and sensitivity, but also very romantic. Although red flowers mean love and passion, pink flowers can show your gentle, yet deep love for someone. Pink flowers can also indicate appreciation, joy, and happiness. Try pink ranunculus, calla lilies, or potted azaleas.

Say it With Flowers - what YELLOW flowers mean
Yellow: The color of harmony, trust and kindness—a great middle ground between friendship and love—is yellow. Yellow flowers have grown increasingly popular in the work place and at social and family gatherings. These convey meanings of sympathy, thoughtfulness, and friend-like love. Try daffodils, yellow tulips, chrysanthemums, or potted begonias.

Orange Gerbera Arrangement

Orange: Symbolic for growth, enthusiasm, and warmth—orange is the flower color of friendship and community. Orange flowers send feelings of happiness and joy, with a hint of adventure and spontaneity.  Just like a beautiful sunset, these flowers can also convey a message of fiery passion and intense desire. Try orange parrot tulips, gerberas, or Asiatic lilies.

Say it With Flowers - what GREEN flowers mean

Green: The color of money and nature, green will send wishes of good fortune and harmony. Green is also the color of health, youth, and prosperity. By giving this flower, you are telling your friend or loved one that you’d like your relationship to grow and continue to do well. Try an arrangement with lots of green ball chrysanthemums, or give a lucky houseplant such as jade or pachira.Purple Potted Orchid on windowsillPurple: Purple is a royal color which often means fascination and respect. Purple flowers show a romantic gesture as they carry with them feelings of elegance and charm. These can express feelings of love at first sight and say ‘I admire and adore you.’ Try purple iris, campanula, or an elegant potted orchid.Hydrangea Early Blue

Blue: Blue means serenity, intimacy, and deep trust. Blue flowers are often used by long-term couples to communicate their never-ending love, trust, and loyalty in a relationship. Try soft blue hydrangeas, or a bouquet of delphinium and muscari.

Winter Flower Arrangement with Succulents Roses and Pine Cones White: The color of purity, innocence, sympathy, and humility. This flower will show your friend or loved one that you are thinking about them. While it does convey messages of purity and innocence, this color also means new beginnings. If given to a long-term partner, they show you want to move forward and think about marriage. Try white daisies, roses, or gardenias.

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