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Mummy Cactus

Happy Halloween from Mummy Cactus!

Happy Halloween from Mummy Cactus

OK, so there is no such thing as a mummy cactus.

Cephalocereus senilis, also known as Old Man Cactus, is a  houseplant you have likely seen before, or if you are in Mexico or other desert-like climates perhaps you have seen him growing wild. If you do, then I’m sorry because they get quite tall (5 -20 meters) and under that pretty white hair are the sharpest spines. Youch!

Cephalocereus senilis

It wasn’t a whole lot of fun transplanting “mummy” into his new pot, but as soon as I saw him all I could see was this guy:

Cartoon Mummy

Source: free Printable Coloring Pages

One set of mismatched googly eyes later, the vision was fully realized. Affix googly eyes with glue dots, tweezers and bandages for poked fingers (double Youch!).

Old Man Cactus

If you have an Old Man Cactus, provide well-draining soil and lots of bright sunlight. You can clean the hair with a gentle brush, but it’s best to not let it get dirty in the first place. Treat him well for 10-20 years and he may just flower, although it’s unlikely as a houseplant.

Mummy Cactus

I’m just happy that I can dress him up for Halloween. He’s keeping good company this year with Jack-o-Planterns and a Crow Feather Wreath.

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  1. Nicole Scott
    Nicole ScottOctober 26,12

    He’s so cute! My nieces and I did the feather Boa wreath last weekend. It’s awesome but they wanted to keep the birds and not attach them and the mister added two skulls. Decorating by committee around here!

  2. Jeanie
    JeanieNovember 18,12

    this is just too cute to ignore!! <3 love the idea!!

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