Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

Lawn Care Unplugged: How to Use a Reel Mower

When it’s time to mow your lawn this year, why not do it with less noise, no pollution, and some added health benefits? A reel mower is a superior alternative to a gas or electric rotary mower because it contributes less noise pollution and harmful emissions. Reel mowers don’t use up a bunch of electric energy or gas. Instead, they give you a great workout. Don’t be afraid, though, today’s reel mowers are designed so that they take very little effort to push, perhaps less so than a heavy gas or electric mover. If that wasn’t enough, a reel mower gives your lawn a better cut by cleanly slicing the tops of the blades as opposed to chopping and tearing them.Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

If you are ready to make the switch, then read on, because this article lists everything you need to know about mowing with a reel mower.

Disclosure: a special thank you goes out to Fiskars for sponsoring this post and providing me with a StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower, Reel Mower Blade Maintenance Kit, and Shear Ease® Grass Shears. All of the opinions that are shared in this post are my own. See the full disclosure policy here. Check out the contest at the end of this post and you could be the lucky winner of your very own Fiskars StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower!Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

How to Use a Reel Mower

Reel mowers cleanly snip grass like a barber snipping your hair, while rotary mowers cut grass by chopping and tearing, resulting in a lawn that is susceptible to disease and pests. There are a few things to know to get the best cut with your reel mower. These tips will help you go unplugged forever.

You’re Mowing Too Often!

You are probably mowing more than you should. At most, mow your lawn every 5-7 days during peak growing seasons. Cool season grasses such as bentgrass and ryegrass actively grow in the spring and fall. Warm season grasses such as zoysia and buffalograss actively grow when it is warmer. You don’t need to know your grass type to figure it out, though. Just watch it grow!

Mow less frequently, if at all, during off-peak growing seasons. Grass is better off to get a little longer, allowing the plants to mature and set strong roots. If you let it go to seed before mowing, you will save yourself bags of grass seed in the process.Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

Know Your Ideal Height

Keep your lawn at its ideal high to promote vigorous growth and prevent weeds and heat damage. The minimum height of your lawn depends on a number of factors such as grass type, season, and growing conditions. Bentgrass (used commonly for golf courses) like to be cut short from ¼” to ¾”, while grasses such as ryegrass (commonly used in lawns) like to be kept taller—between 1 ½” to 2 ½”.

Keep your lawn on the shorter side during the cool and/or wet spring months, but ensure your lawn is at its tallest recommended height during the hot and dry summer months. Taller grass has deeper roots, allowing it to dig deeper for moisture. The longer blades also shade the soil, reducing water loss and protecting the plants from sunburn.

Mowing Tall Grass

You should not cut more than one-third of total grass height in a single cutting. If the grass is very long it may take a few mows to cut it down to its ideal height. Give your lawn at least 2 days rest between mows. For example, if the ideal grass height is 2” and the current height is 4”, cut the lawn in two separate cuttings. The first cutting will reduce the lawn height by 1.3” maximum; the second cutting reduces it further by .6” to achieve 2” (for simplicity remove 1” on the first cut and another 1” on the next cut).Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

The Fiskars reel mower has one-touch height adjustment from 1” to 4”, which makes height adjusting much easier than our old reel mower.

Mowing Wet Grass

Ideally, it is best to hold off mowing your lawn when it is wet. Wet lawn is harder to mow because it lays flat and sticks together. Additionally, if your lawn is really saturated, you may actually cause soil compression from walking on it.

Leave Those Lawn Clippings Alone

Lawn clippings are a great nitrogen-rich fertilizer for your lawn. Don’t remove them unless they are diseased or are very long and won’t break down quickly. Mow your lawn and let the clippings fall where they may. Sweep up the sidewalks and pavers, but leave the cut grass to mulch the soil. After a day or so, the clippings will have worked their way into the spaces between the blades, creating a moisture-holding mulch that will break down and feed the plant roots.Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

Clean Up the Edges

Just like a reel mower, grass shears are a superior alternative to a gas or electric trimmer. They are healthier for your grass, quieter, pollution-free, and simple to use. The Fiskars Shear Ease® Grass Shears have blades that rotate from 45-360 degrees. This is really handy when trying to edge your lawn in awkward areas. I won’t lay out the instructions for using them because I’m sure that you can already use scissors. Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use Grass Shears

Regular Care and Maintenance

Before the lawn care season begins, be sure to book an appointment with a lawn mower repair shop for annual maintenance. While you are there, book the fall appointment too, you need both a spring and fall service to be sure that your mower keeps working.

Kidding! That’s the service schedule for an electric or gas mower.

A reel mower needs almost no care. Get a blade sharpening kit and you can quickly and inexpensively sharpen the blades. You can clean it with a brush or the hose, and lubricate the joints with a silicone lubricant if it is getting stiff. The best part is that there is no motor to break so you can do it all yourself. A reel mower is an investment that lasts indefinitely!Lawn Care Unplugged - How to Use a Reel Mower

Ready, Set, Mow!

Think that using a reel mower is hard? Think again! The Fiskars StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower is really easy to use right from the box.


  • Set mower to the desired cut height
  • Mow and mindfully listen to the snip-snip-snip of the blades;
  • Brush off lawn clippings from mower
  • Put mower away



Fiskars uses InertiaDrive™ technology to make their reel mowers easier to use than traditional ones. It combines a large diameter cutting reel and thick blades to store energy until a burst of extra cutting power is needed. The faster you mow, the more power is generated so you can rip through weeds, twigs, and tough spots. Neighbors were stopping on the street to check it out and give it a try because it’s quite a sight to see. The blade keeps going—like a windup toy—when you stop pushing.WIN a Reel Mower!

Want to get your hands on one? Of course you do! Fiskars has generously agreed to GIVE AWAY one StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower (a $250 value!). This contest is now closed. The winner is Kathy Liddell. Congrats, Kathy!

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  1. Judy H
    Judy HMay 11,17

    Our home having burned in December, we are currently in a rental awaiting rebuilding. And with a 4 year old grand child running around in the yard, I would love a rotary mower. Quieter and more efficient I feel.

    • Judy H
      Judy HMay 11,17

      By the way I live in Montana, so the season for mowing grass is short!

  2. Casey Hughes
    Casey HughesMay 11,17

    I hate the noise and pollution of a gas mower, plus we have a tiny garage and this mower would save space! I live in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

  3. Tammy Loucks
    Tammy LoucksMay 11,17

    I have never tried a reel mower and love the idea of no noise, gas, pollution, and the added exercise! The video made it look so easy that I would be thrilled to give it a try.

  4. Gail pabst
    Gail pabstMay 11,17

    Living in the Chicago area, we mow from early April to late October – love the smell of fresh cut grass, not the sound! Would love to decrease the noise level in my neighborhood!

  5. Lucy
    LucyMay 11,17

    Getting more output on grass trimming while giving less input is a great idea. Looking for this lawn mower with less noise and pollution free attributes and of course it will also save my efforts.

  6. Tam Mayer
    Tam MayerMay 11,17

    I live in Plattsburgh NY (Upstate…where the cows are, lol) I’m trying to be more aware of my carbon footprint and winning this mower would definitely be a great way to improve on that. Thanks for the chance…

  7. Patti
    PattiMay 11,17

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA and this mower would be a great help for those quick touch ups you sometimes need before a party, and I love how compact it is.

  8. Abbey
    AbbeyMay 11,17

    I live in San Antonio, Texas, and to be water wise here, we have only the tiniest patch of grass for our dog and kids. A reel mower would easily take care of that sized area.

  9. Pamela G
    Pamela GMay 11,17

    I live in the mountains of N. California. I no longer have a lawn but my mom does and this would be perfect for her.
    When I did have a lawn I had a traditional reel mower and loved it and it was not as fancy as this one.

  10. Emily
    EmilyMay 11,17

    I remember using one of these at my aunt’s house when I was a teenager!

  11. Tara Nolan
    Tara NolanMay 11,17

    I live in Southern Ontario and I think this mower would be nice and light to tackle hills!

  12. Jeremy Beasley
    Jeremy BeasleyMay 11,17

    I live in Mississippi and it will would help because it would replace my old, worn out reel mower from the 1950’s. My grandparents used it forever to cut their lawn and until recently, I used it to cut my small yard. The rubber on my wheels has deteriorated and has separated from the metal.

  13. Bryan
    BryanMay 11,17

    I have a good sized yard but a small lawn in Oregon. Having a reel mower would save the headaches of having either a gas mower or plugged in electric.

  14. Christina Fisher
    Christina FisherMay 11,17

    I live in Holland Michigan. It would be so nice to mow quietly.

  15. heather
    heatherMay 11,17

    I adore my fishers products, my favorite is are my mini pruners. As I have a small compact landscape, I think a reel mower would be wonderful! The clean and quiet motion will be fabulous for the environment and for my cardio..A win win. Thank you :) from Ohio.

  16. Janit Calvo
    Janit CalvoMay 11,17

    I live in Seattle with a gearhead. This might just be the way to get him to change to a REAL mower! :o)

  17. Brooke
    BrookeMay 11,17

    I love how simple a push mower is, but I don’t know about switching from the “weed whacker” as it is my all time favorite outdoor job to do.

  18. Brooke
    BrookeMay 11,17

    Also, I live in Calgary, so a reel mower works well with our small yards and short summers.

  19. Cheryl
    CherylMay 11,17

    I live in northeast Indiana. Going unplugged would help me save the environment a little more.

  20. Aaron
    AaronMay 12,17

    I remember we used to have an old reel mower in the shed when I was a kid, Dad used to get it out to show us what mowing in the “olden days” was like before the new fandangled mowers came in!

  21. Pamela williams
    Pamela williamsMay 12,17

    I love I Ft Denaud FL. I’ve been trying to get my husband to buy a Fiskars mower for a couple of years. I mow the lawn out of necessity, but also to get more exercise. We moved to this rural are for the peace and quiet and to be closer to nature. The noise and pollution from our gas powered mower drives me crazy. Winning the Fiskars mower would help me live my “greenest” lifestyle.

  22. logan wilhelm
    logan wilhelmMay 12,17

    I would love to give this Reel Mower a try, just the chance for exercise and less noise would be great! I live in beautiful downtown Cockeysville, Maryland.

  23. Elaine
    ElaineMay 12,17

    I live in Ohio and would love to mow without noise and has fumes. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  24. Kathy Liddell
    Kathy LiddellMay 12,17

    I love this and would love to have one! I remember my father always using a reel mover as a child and the smell of fresh cut grass. I am the grass cutter in the family. My husband is a Superintendent at a golf course and deals with grass all day long so this is the last thing he wants to do at the end of the day. I often have trouble getting the mower started or keeping it going. This would be perfect. I love getting the exercise and clean environment aspects as well! I live in Ticonderoga, NY.

  25. Cynthia
    CynthiaMay 12,17

    Thank you for this fun giveaway! Love the idea of no noise and no fumes — I’m in greater Boston.

  26. Debby Hastings
    Debby HastingsMay 12,17

    We live in Vancouver, BC, and with all the rain we’ve had, there’s lots of grass to cut this time of year. We have an old push lawn mower, so the Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower sounds ideal – environmentally friendly, and a lot easier to push.

  27. Robyn G
    Robyn GMay 12,17

    I have serious back problems and can’t mow our small lawn here in Kentucky. This mower looks like something even I could handle. Who knew my favorite brand of scissors makes a lawn mower!! Thanks for sharing this give away!

  28. Karen Simon Peterson
    Karen Simon PetersonMay 12,17

    We live in Mount Vernon WA on five acres with a huge grassy area around the house. The weekends around here, from April to October are filled with the noise pollution of all of our neighbors mowing. I would love to be the one who isn’t contributing to that.

  29. Mary
    MaryMay 12,17

    I have always wanted to try a reel mower but didn’t know where you could buy them. This looks wonderful!!! I would love to try it.

  30. Angie Rose
    Angie RoseMay 12,17

    What a great giveaway! I adore anything Fiskars, and this reel mower is wonderful.

  31. Linda Thomas
    Linda ThomasMay 12,17

    I live in Albuquerque and our desert climate means we have smaller lawns than other areas with more rainfall. I haven’t seen one of these mowers in a long time, but it would be perfect for a small yard.

  32. Antoinette W
    Antoinette WMay 12,17

    Just moved in to my small little Trailer with a small yard. I still need to mow some grass the kids are all on their own now and a nice quiet push mower would be easy for me to handle ..

  33. Antoinette W
    Antoinette WMay 12,17

    Forgot to state where I live Toms River…NJ

  34. Joanne Coderre
    Joanne CoderreMay 12,17

    Living in Portland, Oregon, the grass either grows like crazy or roasts and dries up in the summer. We have both electric and reel mowers, but only use the electric when we “forget” to mow. Having a small lawn, we much prefer a reel mower, but ours is old and not so well made. The electric mower is big, clumsy and a pain to maneuver. Not to mention it takes up so much space in the shed. I’d love to donate it to a worthy cause. We could definitely use a great reel mower. All of my gardening tools are Fiskars, not to mention the numerous other orange tools all over the house. Great products!

  35. Martha Franks
    Martha FranksMay 12,17

    Would love to win this Fiskars mower! I believe I could handle it much better than my husband’s big gas mower.


    WOW!!! I could definitely use one of these mowers!! I can not handle my larger mower as well as I once could. I do a great deal of gardening and I wish for a smaller, easier to manage mower very often. Would love to win!!

  37. Linda Pemberton
    Linda PembertonMay 12,17

    I live in Pflugerville, Texas, just north of Austin. I have St Augustine or carpet grass, which is a thick turf with a short root system. It requires a lot of water. I’d like to try the reel mower. My grandfather had one and mowed a huge yard of St Augustine grass for years. This past year my yard had many weeds due to a mild winter, and now I have a lot of bare areas. I’ve wondered if hiring my yard done transfers weeds, etc, from other yards. I need to get on top of the turf problem and using a different type mower might be what I need.

  38. Linda Pendergrass
    Linda PendergrassMay 12,17

    I love Fiskars products and I am sure this mower would not be an exception. I use a reel mower from another company I picked up at a yard sale, I would love to have this one. I am in northwest Missouri.

  39. Sharon
    SharonMay 13,17

    This mower looks like a workhorse, one that could handle our hilly and sloped yard that is not much more than a rough clearing near a heavily wooded area. We’re in Glacier WA.

  40. Brenda Penton
    Brenda PentonMay 14,17

    I live in Newfoundland. I’ve actually never mowed the lawn with the electric or gas powered lawn mower because I’m honestly scared to handle it. Our lawn is a little too long for a corded lawn mower and I think I’d be worried to run the cord over if we did have one. I think this would be perfect for me.

  41. Vera K
    Vera KMay 14,17

    I live in the NE US and I think I would be comfortable using this mower.

  42. Vunda V
    Vunda VMay 15,17

    i like on the east coast, i hate using big gas equipment for our lawn care, this is so much more eco friendly.

  43. Andrea
    AndreaMay 15,17

    We live in Kentucky. My husband has been trying to convince me for years to get a push mower.

  44. Laura Street
    Laura StreetMay 15,17

    We currently live in a condo in Beaverton OR, but will soon be moving to a house in Portland OR. We’re very excited to finally have a yard, but we don’t have a lawnmower. My husband and I previously talked about buying a Reel Mower because we like that it is quiet (so I can use it during toddler naps), and it will be great to have for the environment.

  45. Kelly D
    Kelly DMay 15,17

    I live in PA. Going unplugged would help me keep up with our lawn. I don’t want to use a regular lawn mower.

  46. Kathie Schram
    Kathie SchramMay 15,17

    I live in Northern Indiana. My Courtyard has too close quarters to maneuver our large riding mowing. This would be absolutely perfect and easy to handle.

  47. Steve Weber
    Steve WeberMay 15,17

    I live in Wisconsin – it would be nice to mow when it’s quiet.

  48. carol clark
    carol clarkMay 15,17

    im in texas and going unplugged means no more running to town to get gas and then have to deal with the headaches from the smell and it would be such a great thing to have less pollution would be great

  49. Will G
    Will GMay 16,17

    I live in Wisconsin. Going unplugged would help me from having to always make sure I have enough gas.

  50. Jannelle Kennedy
    Jannelle KennedyMay 16,17

    I’ve been begging hubby to get me a reel mower! I keep planting more flowers and he keeps griping about not being able to get the rider in my “mess”. It would be so much less stress to do it myself and have more time to enjoy my efforts!

  51. Rachel
    RachelMay 16,17

    I like in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I would like to to go unplugged so I can mow early in the morning and not have to worry about noise.

  52. Susan Sorci
    Susan SorciMay 17,17

    Used one growing up. My dad even rigged a “grass catcher”. I can’t start the gas powered mower we have so this would be perfect for me

  53. Claire Jenkins
    Claire JenkinsMay 17,17

    I live in Pineville, NC (USA) and I think this would be great around the front of my house in the smaller areas and generally just a cleaner, greener option!

  54. LJ
    LJMay 17,17

    Love this idea of a reel mower! No fuel used! And I get the benefit of exercise. Here in Kentucky this would be great to use!

  55. Anne
    AnneMay 17,17

    I live in Victoria, B.C. I would love a reel mower for my 1/4 acre. What a great way to get exercise without killing my back pushing a gas mower.

  56. Dawn Albin
    Dawn AlbinMay 17,17

    Mt. Airy NC. Just purchased property. Been wanting a push mower.

  57. Anne R.
    Anne R.May 17,17

    I live in upstate NY. We moved from a small suburban lot to a property with land in the country. Mowing used to be my job, but now my husband does most of the mowing on a noisy ride-on. I would love a reel mower to mow the yard around the house – I miss quietly mowing the lawn and doing it with a non-polluting mower. The yard close to the house is where the kids play, and the grass needs to be kept short to avoid ticks. A mower like this would be perfect for me to mow while the kids play. Thank you!

  58. Teresa Massey
    Teresa MasseyMay 17,17

    This Fiskars mower would be great to mow around my garden. Gardening is great therapy for my mind and body. Lot of hard work by soo worth it! I live in McAlester OK.

  59. Tammi H.
    Tammi H.May 17,17

    I live in Southwest Michigan and this would not only help me keep my lawn under control, but would help me get healthier in the process.

  60. Sburdak
    SburdakMay 17,17

    I cut the grass for my pAreny

    I cut the grass for my parents with a reel power. They represented the original eco friendly inhabitants. Friday marks there passing. Dad passed a week less than 101.
    Whenever I see a reel mover I think of them.

  61. Gail
    GailMay 17,17

    This lawn mower looks like one that could conquer our poor lawn. We live in Texas and sometimes the grass doesn’t get enough water, and other times it gets more than usual. That’s when the lawn grows like wildfire. We would love to be able to use a mower like the Fiskars mower.

  62. Katie Boyd
    Katie BoydMay 17,17

    I would love to win this if the contest is still open.
    We currently use a sickle to cut our lawn ( for real). I have planted mostly native plants, medicinal herbs and food in our yard, but we still have some grass. My young teen wants to start mowing lawns as a summer job. This would enàble him to do so while modelling sustainability. We live in Vancouver BC

  63. Buffy
    BuffyMay 18,17

    I live near Philadelphia, PA and just love the idea of a quiet lawn mower

  64. Pam Moody
    Pam MoodyMay 18,17

    I live here in Ohio–love to mow and would love be able to use this mower to help my husband who is now 72 and is in need of some yard help.–Thanks

  65. Barb
    BarbMay 18,17

    I live in the Chicago suburbs. Sure would be nice to mow quietly!

  66. Wendy
    WendyMay 18,17

    Morning, Massachusetts is where I live. I would love this mower! We eat wild plants, let wild flowers bloom for the bees and using a mower that doesn’t run on gas would be amazing!

  67. Wendy
    WendyMay 18,17

    Morning, Massachusetts is where I live. I would love this mower. We eat wild plants, let wild flowers bloom for the bees and using a mower that doesn’t run on gas would be great.

  68. Cathy Johnson
    Cathy JohnsonMay 18,17

    Hi Stephanie, i live in the mountain town of Hendersonville, N.C. You have totally sold me on the idea of a reel mower. I did not realize how beneficial they are, both for your lawn and for the environment.

  69. Brianna
    BriannaMay 18,17

    I live in WNC and would love to have one for the small patch of yard we have.

  70. Nancy Henry
    Nancy HenryMay 18,17

    I just recently moved to my own place in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area and have quite a bit of grass to cut. I don’t want to use one of those ride on mowers that the older men “insist” is the best. I have a little electric mower but it makes so much noise, especially when I can’t cut the lawn until evenings when the neighbours are all relaxing in front of the TV. It’s also frustrating plugging it in and not having enough extension to get to the edges. I think a reel mower would be ideal and it would be nice to “show off” how nice it makes the lawn. The older men don’t think I have what it takes! I sooo want to show them . . . women “do” know what they are doing!

  71. Barbara Michaels
    Barbara MichaelsMay 18,17

    As of June 1, 2017 I will be an official resident of Spokane, WA. Having a neurological disorder which causes tremors, thereby, restricting my ability to perform many tasks – such as typing. It takes awhile to produce a perfect copy. That aside, being I am 71-years-old, with a bad back I don’t feel safe using mechanical equipment. It’s the good old fashioned ways of doing things I prefer. Included in all that, what a great way to get much needed exercise.

  72. Deb Gibson
    Deb GibsonMay 18,17

    I live in Michigan and this would be great to get in between all my raised beds and pine groves. Plus with no noise and getting more exercise is just added benefits.

  73. Victor
    VictorMay 18,17

    I have an old reel mower that is ready to be replaced. I live in Los Angeles, CA and with our weather I have to mow all year long. A reel mower is the way to go for me, I like that there’s less maintenance, I don’t have to go to the gas station to buy fuel for it, and it’s good for the environment.

  74. Samantha Gray
    Samantha GrayMay 18,17

    I miss our old reel mower!. It was great exercise, but my husband wanted a power mower. Now he won’t use it and pays our neighbor to cut the grass. It’s quite heavy for me to push, so I don’t use it either! I’ve been thinking seriously about getting another reel mower for many reasons..

  75. Monica C
    Monica CMay 18,17

    We live in Galloway Ohio. We have never used a reel mower but have thought about it to help go green. –

  76. Debbie Tubb
    Debbie TubbMay 18,17

    OH, how I remember these from my childhood. It brings tears to my eyes to remember my Daddy and my Pa using these to mow. The swish, swish sound, along with the smell of the grass, listening to the birds sing and the chickens cackle……those things take me back. I would love to smell that fresh cut grass again without the smell of gas. I have fibromyalgia and my husband has had heart attacks, has arthritis and COPD. This would be easy for us to use and very low maintenance. I also love recycling and doing anything that helps keep our world green. This would certainly do that. It would also be quiet, which would be wonderful in our little neighborhood in sweet Tennessee. Thank you so much for giving all of us the opportunity to enter this contest.

  77. Tina Carter
    Tina CarterMay 18,17

    Hey Y’all KY here-I have many tight spaces due to many flowerbeds in my yard this would be very helpful to me

  78. Kerry Hovland
    Kerry HovlandMay 18,17

    Wood love this mower.Great Falls Montana

  79. Teresa Blackard
    Teresa BlackardMay 18,17

    I absolutely love everything about it! Thanks for a chance to own one. Walland, TN

  80. Erin E
    Erin EMay 18,17

    I live in Marietta, Georgia. A rotary mower would be perfect for our smaller lawn. I wouldn’t need to crank up the loud gas powered mower and smell like burning gas and oil after a short mow!

  81. Laura West
    Laura WestMay 19,17

    Hi, we live in Southern Manitoba Canada and would love to own a Fiscar mower. I have a large flower beds and lots of grass to mow. The mower would be a great help! It would leave less of a carbon imprint.

  82. Tabitha Boone
    Tabitha BooneMay 19,17

    I would love this unplugged mower! I recently bought my first home with a huge yard, and this would lessen our carbon footprint! I’m from Brooklyn Park, Maryland in the US

  83. Becky Pearson
    Becky PearsonMay 19,17

    Love a push mower, this one looks awesome.

  84. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 19,17

    Wow! I live in Maryland and could really use a push mower like this one! I had one that didn’t work very well and the husband convinced me to get an electric one but I don’t like being confined to a cord. And I don’t want to use up so much energy!

  85. Lori Young
    Lori YoungMay 19,17

    Cheyenne, Wyoming is covered in snow now. It has been raining before that and the grass underneath the snow is tall. I’m 61, allergic to petroleum products, and need a mower that will adjust height and get up against the fence. It would be wonderful if I could win this fiskars mower. Thank you.

  86. Lori Young
    Lori YoungMay 19,17

    Cheyenne, Wyoming has snow now. It rained before and the grass underneath the snow is tall. I’m 61, allergic to petroleum products, and need a mower that will handle taller grass and go up to the fence. It would be wonderful to win this fiskars reel mower!

    • Lori Young
      Lori YoungMay 19,17

      Sorry for posting twice. I didn’t think the first one worked.

  87. YHenry
    YHenryMay 19,17

    Thanks for the give away

  88. Steve P
    Steve PMay 19,17

    We have a found, discarded reel mower, a little rusty and not very sharp. Would love to win this one! Live in Vancouver, BC and have a tiny patch of grass to mow in our townhouse’s backyard.

  89. Janet K
    Janet KMay 19,17

    We live in Memphis, TN and have a small yard. I think going to a reel mower would help with my allergies.

  90. Rosie Volpe
    Rosie VolpeMay 19,17

    I like the old fashion push mowera

  91. Regan
    ReganMay 19,17

    I live in Iowa! We are looking at a new mower at the moment. My husband has expressed interest in a reel mower! Thank you for the information!

  92. Joan
    JoanMay 19,17

    This would be perfect for my daughter and son-in-law. Their old mower keeps breaking. It would be great if they didn’t have to worry about filling a tank with gas, breathing gas fumes and having to fix a mower each time the lawn needed mowing. We all live in IOWA and believe that going Green is the way to go.

  93. VW
    VWMay 19,17

    Would love to have one of these! We bought an inexpensive (read “cheap!”) one a few years back and it never did work right. This one looks like it would be amazing to mow with!

  94. Deborah Gullett
    Deborah GullettMay 20,17

    I mowed my grandparents lawn with a reel mower back in the day. Loud noises bother me so this would be fantastic. Most of the two acres we mow are flat former pasture. The grass grows fast here in Ohio!

  95. vanessa brooks
    vanessa brooksMay 20,17

    I never have used a reel mower but my mom use to mow her yard as a kid with one and would tell me stories lol. We use a very old ride mower that was given to us for our less than one acre lot. We mow two times a week here in OHIO because the grass sure can grow lol.

  96. Ryan
    RyanMay 20,17

    I live in Iowa and I have had nothing but trouble with lawn mowers with gas motors, haha. I tried to go electric but the model I bought arrived damaged and unusable so I had to return it. I would love a more environmental solution and one that would allow me to listen to music and get a better workout all in one! Thanks for the contest!

  97. Hilary
    HilaryMay 20,17

    I live in Surrey, BC. I would donate the reel mower to my community garden. Besides the obviously desirable environmental impacts — reduced air and noise pollution, no gas means more money for other improvements to our shared garden. And it might even get me to take a grass-cutting shift — I’ve always been terrified of power mowers.

  98. Cari
    CariMay 20,17

    I live in the wilds of Montana, where people use their gas powered lawn mowers just for fun. The quiet zen of this sweet mower would be perfect for my artsy, sculptured city lawn. Love it!

  99. Rachel Malkoski
    Rachel MalkoskiMay 21,17

    I live in Holden Massachusetts, I became disabled a couple of years ago. Using a gas powered mower is nye impossible for me. Too heavy, can’t pull to start. A reel mower like this would go a long way for me to regain a bit of independence. I would be able to go at my own pace without having someone have to start it, put it back in the shed etc. The benefits of this mower to the environment are wonderful, the benefits to my health would be helpful. Win or lose the contest, this reel mower is great. Thanks for introducing us to it.

  100. Debbie
    DebbieMay 21,17

    I would absolutely love a push mower, its the best exercise and work out there is. You would feel like you accomplished so much for the environment, your home and your body! Excellent ideas that keep mother earth in mind.

  101. Debbie
    DebbieMay 21,17

    Oops! so excited that I forgot to mention my location is New Brunswick, sorry:)

  102. Bobbi Russell
    Bobbi RussellMay 21,17

    I live in Ohio. I would love something that is more environmental better, so I don’t​ disturb nature as much.

  103. Cindy G
    Cindy GMay 21,17

    I live in the Chicago western suburbs. We have a lot of “Ozone Alerts” during our hot summers. We are asked not to mow during those times.

  104. JoAnne Heintz
    JoAnne HeintzMay 21,17

    I live in Wisconsin. I would love to have a Fiskars reel mower so I can do the mowing…my husband uses a
    riding mower but I would like to have Fiskars reel mower.

  105. Phyllis Robertson
    Phyllis RobertsonMay 21,17

    I live in Mobile Alabama and my husband and I just used our entire savings on purchasing a home close to our grandchildren so we could help with our special needs granddaughter and her daily care. We are totally devoted to the children and organic gardening. We try to grow most of what we eat, and we do not believe in the non organic ways most of our neighbors use in keeping a yard nice and manicured. This would be the ideal way to keep our front yard nice and keep our environment clean at the same time. We are both in our sixties and on social security now and do not have the money to purchase the things we need for our new home. We have had a hard time purchasing groceries in the last few months since moving was a great expense alone. We have recently started creating raised beds in our back yard for a totally pesticide free organic garden by using recycled pallets and horse manure compost that people are giving to us. If we had this nice new mower we could keep our small front yard mowed with little effort and devote more time to organic gardening, feeding our family and neighbors and keeping our air and land environmentally clean. Did I mention I have arthritis in my arms and shoulder? This makes it entirely impossible to start a regular gas powered mower and I hate the darned things anyway! I also hate the riding mowers as well. My late father got hurt badly on one when it turned over on him once.

  106. Ashley Victoria Owen
    Ashley Victoria OwenMay 22,17

    I remember using a push mower as a kid! They’re great, and they are an awesome way to cut back on noise, pollution, etc… I live in Redding California, where it is HOT HOT HOT and DRY DRY DRY. The lawn needs some pretty tender care to make it and would really benefit from a push mower that leaves behind the clippings, is easier to adjust, etc…

  107. Bev
    BevMay 22,17

    Hi! I live in Michigan. It’s been pretty wet here this year so far too. I would love to have Fiskar’s push mower to keep the grass down around my house. We have 6 acres so I’d be in super shape if I mowed the whole yard with it! (Isn’t gonna happen). Any money we can save not using gas would be super great! It really isn’t getting much cheaper. Thanks Fiskar for trying to help us save our planet!

  108. Hilary Murphy
    Hilary MurphyMay 22,17

    We live in New Hampshire (USA), and our growing season is pretty short, so we try to make the best of it. My youngest child is absolutely petrified of the loud noise that our gas-powered mower makes, but loves playing outside, so a quiet reel mower would definitely be less scary to him. I would love anything that doesn’t break down and need so much maintenance. I swear I spend just as much time fixing the mower as I do mowing all summer!

  109. Liz
    LizMay 22,17

    Hi! I live in Tennessee and have fond childhood memories of using a reel mower as soon as I was tall enough to push it. This was one of my favorite chores, especially when I got too close to the mint along the side of the house — best smell of summer! Hubby does the mowing now on a gigantic zero-turn but there are places where it won’t fit or my plantings are endangered. Besides, I need the exercise.

  110. Pamela Pazdra
    Pamela PazdraMay 23,17

    Hello, I found your website through Pinterest. My husband and I are wanting to connect back to the earth by getting rid of our lawn service and caring for our lawn ourselves. We wish to be as environmentally friendly as possible and this reel mower looks to be the answer. We live in South Florida with St. Augustine grass. Truthfully I’ve never seen one of these mowers used in all my forty-five plus years living here. Thank you for your sponsor of this give-a-way. Happy gardening

  111. Anthony Cheung
    Anthony CheungMay 23,17

    I just recently bought my first home with my girlfriend. We live in Markham, Ontario in a townhouse, so the lawn size is quite small. This mower would be a perfect pairing for our new home! :)

  112. Billie Brownell
    Billie BrownellMay 24,17

    Hi! I live in Nashville, TN. Having a lawnmower that’s quiet and environmentally friendly would be awesome!! Thank you.

  113. courtney b
    courtney bMay 24,17

    i live in arizona so we get a lot of quick growing weeds that this would help with. and unplugging would be great for me and my family! thanks :)

  114. Kathy Chernicky
    Kathy ChernickyMay 24,17

    I live in Chesterfield, VA. I am going green in my garden and lawn and I would love a mower that doesn’t require gas and emit those obnoxious fumes. I do not bag my grass so this mower would be a wonderful addition to my lawn care.

  115. Nancy B. K.
    Nancy B. K.May 24,17

    Fiskars has the best products; that’s the only brand of garden tools that I will use. A reel mower would be delightful. I live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs.

  116. Kim Kascak
    Kim KascakMay 24,17

    I live in Invermere, BC, which is in the East Kootenays. The soil in our yard is mostly clay but we have a small grassy area, not enough to warrant buying a bigger lawn mower. This little Fishers lawn mower would be the ideal addition to our gardening accessories. Thank you.

  117. Gaye Carson
    Gaye CarsonMay 24,17

    This was a very interesting article. As a 73-year-old female, this would make looking after maintaining my lawn so much easier! Living in Hamilton Ontario, we have lawn maintenance from May until October.

  118. Antonija Kozlakar
    Antonija KozlakarMay 24,17

    I live in Slovenia. I used the mower to mow the grass under electric fences.

  119. Shirley Jordan
    Shirley JordanMay 24,17

    I live in Atlanta, and the summers here are very long…sometimes going into October. I visited Vancouver for three days in late-June last summer and the weather was fantastic!! I was told that your weather was like that year round. True? I could use the Reel to take care of areas that are not accessible with the power mower. We have a large (1 acre) lot and this would speed the job along. Thanks!

  120. Laurel Hounslow
    Laurel HounslowMay 24,17

    I live in Cochrane, Alberta near Calgary. The mower would be for my daughter who has been separated and left with very little. It would help her look after a backyard play and garden space for her two young boys. She lives in Calgary. Our lawn season is May to October, or sometimes September if the erratic weather here near the Rockies takes a turn. Thank you for all your great ideas and for the opportunity to win something cool!

  121. Karen
    KarenMay 24,17

    Hi I live in the beautiful Williamette Valley just east of Salem, Oregon. The grass grows tall, lush and very green! This rotary lawnmower is just the perfect size for me as I live in a tiny home on wheels and have to consider smaller storage options ! What a great little lawnmower! I would be so excited to own one! This is a fabulous giveaway!

  122. Donna M Borges
    Donna M BorgesMay 25,17

    This mower sounds perfect for me, a single, retired woman! No motor to pollute both air and noise would make mowing so pleasant. I want one please.

  123. Laura Pankey
    Laura PankeyMay 25,17

    I live in Fort Worth, Texas and would love this mower to become more green. I recently installed solar panels and am working my way off the grid, in the city. I’ve never liked mowing with a gas mower or an electric or battery powered mower (usually takes more time to let the battery charge up again!) This mower would be a god send!

    • Laura Pankey
      Laura PankeyMay 25,17

      By the way, I am also a disabled veteran with PTSD and the calm, quiet mowing would be wonderful therapy.

  124. Ruth
    RuthMay 25,17

    I live in Minnesota and love the idea of having one of these for a quieter mow that doesn’t require fuel! Our lawn mower is older and I am not tall enough or strong enough to start it. With this I could mow and not need to wait for my husband.

  125. Tracy Flanagan
    Tracy FlanaganMay 25,17

    I live in Malabar, Florida.We have a wildlife refuge on the property, so a quiet mower would be great for the animals.

  126. Skeet Wright
    Skeet WrightMay 25,17

    I’m from right outside of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia. The centipede grass in our yard would look beautiful cut with this Fiskars Reel mower. A win, win situation for my yard and for the environment.

  127. Janis Cutter
    Janis CutterMay 25,17

    I just turned 70; this Fiskars Reel mower would help me get more exercise, plus I love the color. I live in NE Ohio and with all the rain we sometimes mow twice a week.

    • Janis Cutter
      Janis CutterMay 25,17

      PS – I have sandals that match:)

  128. Vicki Voss
    Vicki VossMay 25,17

    I live in Riverside county, in California and I took all my lawn out except a patch of 25 X 10′ and your Fiskars Reel mower would cut it perfectly and give me exercise to keep it cut.

  129. Karen Sebor
    Karen SeborMay 25,17

    I would help my 71 year old VietNam veteran husband who now has rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis mow our two acres of our little piece of heaven here in Chardon, OHIO! Jim uses a riding mower, but I could sure assist him if I had the Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower!! Thank you for the chance!!

  130. Melissa
    MelissaMay 25,17

    I live in Minnesota! Over the last 3 years I have gone through 3 gas mowers and spent over $900 – the idea of being able to go out to my garage and not have to worry whether I will be able to start the mower would be fantastic! As well saving the environment! Double the joy!

  131. Jennifer Faulkner
    Jennifer FaulknerMay 25,17

    I put one on my Christmas list last year after discovering fledglings hiding under my shrubs around our shed garden. I won’t let anyone near that area with the power mower now. After a back breaking summer of pulling grass and cutting with scissors, I thought this would be a very helpful alternative – with an added bonus of enhancing the meditation and peace we get from nature and gardening. Thank you for the chance and thank you for the daily inspiration – I’m sure we all agree it’s a great way to start the day if we can’t be out in our own garden.

  132. Joy O'Connor
    Joy O'ConnorMay 25,17

    I have next ti no luck with contests but I keep trying ? LOL
    It would be wonderful NOT to be one of the many noisy smelly gas mowers in our neighborhood.
    In fact to show our neighbors it can be done quietly, efficiently and with care to the environment with this fantastic gem … my husband would love it … he is constantly fighting with our gas mower.
    We live in Kingston Ontario … Canada … fingers crossed !

  133. Clem Hockstein
    Clem HocksteinMay 25,17

    I live in Sebastopol, CA and my grass is as high as an elephant’s eye. HELP!

  134. Karen Vanhorenbeeck
    Karen VanhorenbeeckMay 25,17

    We live in Thousand Oaks, CA and have year round yard maintenance. We both work in the nursery industry and love it! We also love the Fiskar products – I use my pruners all the time! Not that this mom needs another job, but this mower looks like something I could easily use. My husband would love not having to mix gas & change the spark plug. Thanks for putting us in the drawing!

  135. Sue Marcomb
    Sue MarcombMay 25,17

    I live in Northwest Illinois and the grass just keeps growing and growing and growing this year due to all the rain we’ve received. This mower would help by allowing me to mow some of my own lawn. I had a shoulder injury a few years back and cannot pull the string to start my current mower. I have to rely on kids and grandkids to mow for me. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win!

  136. Constance Wheeler
    Constance WheelerMay 25,17

    Hello from Molalla, Oregon !! Our weather has finally given us all here in the PNW a lovely few days to get to mowing the lawns. We do have a riding mower but it seems to be always breaking down on us, taking away from the time we have to mow til it’s fixed again. If we had a Fiskars StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower, we’d have been able to mow at least a couple times by now. When I was a kid, about 60 years ago, I used to mow lawn for my grandparents with an old push mower and just can’t wait to try this new one !!! My kids and grandkids will love it !!

  137. Deb E.
    Deb E.May 25,17

    I live in Southern Ontario. I love reel mowers. They are the ultimate eco-friendly lawn mower there is. Easy on the grass, quiet (for the noise adverse: neighbours, family et al) and fuel-free. It’ll warm yah twice, like they used to say about chopping wood.

  138. Megan Wright
    Megan WrightMay 25,17

    My family and I live in East Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville at the foot of the Smoky Mountains. As my father is always working, and getting older, I would love to help out with the yardwork more, but am too small to push our hefty gas mower. A reel mower is something we can’t afford on our own, but it would allow me to help my dad out. Additionally, the hippie in me really wants to diminish the amount of noise pollution made by my family, and reduce our carbon footprint by ditching the gas mower. I told my dad about this article, and he was really excited by it, too!

  139. Debbie Schmitz
    Debbie SchmitzMay 26,17

    I live in the country in Iowa. I would love to use this quiet mower. My husband uses a rider mower. I could help him with this. Thank you!

  140. Martha Wells
    Martha WellsMay 26,17

    I also live in the country (TX), on the bigger acreage, we have a tractor/bushhog, but in the house yard, this would be perfect, (Not nearly as offensive or loud!)

  141. Frankie Griffin
    Frankie GriffinMay 27,17

    My family lives in the sandhills in South Carolina. We have really hot summers and when it rains it pours. We seem to either have grass growing out of control or it’s drying up. Sadly, we only have a riding mower. We could really use the Fiskars Reel-Mower for all the benefits it offers. We are trying to be more conscious of our enviroment by composting and recycling, even attempting to grow a small garden with the help of info from websites like Gardentherapy. This would be a great addition for our family and we really could use it to do the trimwork to make our yard look so much better and get closer to our plants.

  142. amanda whitley
    amanda whitleyMay 27,17

    i like cape cod, Ma. going our mower is always breaking on us so this would be great.

  143. Kayla Klontz
    Kayla KlontzMay 27,17

    I live in Ohio, this would help in so many ways and it’s environmentally friendly.

  144. Sharon deBeaumont
    Sharon deBeaumontMay 27,17

    We moved to south central PA from Austin, TX and I’m amazed that all the women do the lawn mowing up here! These women are tough as nails and maintain beautiful lawns and landscaping. I would love the Fiskars reel-mower to assist me as I transition into the ranks of lawn mowing master women :) Thanks!

  145. sarah mayer
    sarah mayerMay 28,17

    I live in the suburbs of Milwaukee – we don’t even have a lawnmower, so going unplugged would be helpful.

  146. pat sendelbbach
    pat sendelbbachMay 28,17

    I live near Atlanta, GA. This lawnmower would get a lot of use.

  147. Krista
    KristaMay 28,17

    I live in Southeastern Pa and I would use this mower around the house and gardens. Looks like great exercise!

  148. Tonya Flores
    Tonya FloresMay 28,17

    I live in Texas and our lawn mower does not even work. this would come in handy for sure.

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