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Protect Your Lips with an All-Natural Sunscreen Lip Balm Recipe

Most of us remember to slather on the sunscreen when we are exposed to the sun, but what about our lips? Yes, your lips can get sunburned! Thankfully, the solution is easy: make a batch of this DIY all-natural lip balm with SPF.

Sunscreen Lip Balm Recipe because lips get sunburns too

Before you head out in the sun, do you cover your skin with sunscreen? What about your lips? Applying sunscreen meant for your skin directly to your lips doesn’t taste very good. Plus it dries out your lips and dulls the shine.

Instead, try this homemade sunscreen lip balm with SPF. It will protect your lips, make them kissably soft, and it’s made of all-natural ingredients!

Should Lip Balm Have SPF?

Most of the lip balm recipes I make have some sun protection inherently in the oils and wax. Most days of the year I am confident that my lips are protected just by using these. But in the hot summer months when the UV levels are through the roof, I bring out the big guns: this sunscreen lip balm recipe.

homemade lip balm with SPF next to seashells

Many ingredients that are used in natural lip balm recipes provide a degree of SPF. Some oils are said to add sun protection properties such as raspberry seed oil and olive oil.

This recipe is made from a basic lip balm recipe with soft oils like wheat germ and jojoba as well as shea butter, each of which has SPF properties themselves.

Essential Oils in Sunscreen Lip Balm

It’s important to also note that there are ingredients that can cause the sun’s effects to be accelerated. Phototoxic essential oils typically run in the citrus family (lemon, lime, bitter orange, mandarin leaf, and grapefruit).

Sweet orange oil, however, is generally considered not phototoxic, which is why it is included in this lip balm with SPF. Vanilla essential oil is also included, and the result is a lovely creamsicle flavour.

diy sunscreen lip balm amongst shells

How Much SPF is in This Lip Balm?

Making sunscreen or sun protection products at home is a solid way to add sun protection and one that I use for my fair, freckly (read: easily burned) skin.

Even so, I would not venture a guess as to what the SPF is of a homemade recipe. I can say that I have been using this recipe on my own lips for years and have not burned them once.

Plus, I can feel good about the ingredients that go into the recipe and on my skin. My general rule of thumb is to stay out of the sun when the UV is strongest and take the steps to protect my skin (and lips) as naturally as possible.

Homemade Sunscreen lip balm tubes tied together with twine

As with all home recipes, test a bit on your skin and see how you react. Those with sensitivities, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and for use on children should take caution and check with their health care professional.

Sunscreen Lip Balm Recipe

This recipe makes six standard-sized tubes of lip balm with SPF. If you need more or less, you can adjust the recipe accordingly.



Make it!

  1. First, infuse olive oil with calendula by following these instructions.
  2. Measure all of the ingredients into a small double boiler or a Turkish coffee pot. I like to use the Turkish coffee pot because it has a pour spout. I can heat the oils up quickly and then pour them easily into the tubes.
  3. Once the oils, waxes, and butter have all melted together, turn off the heat and add in the essential oils. Stir well with a small spatula.
  4. When everything is thoroughly mixed, use the spout on the Turkish coffee pot to pour the lip balm into the tubes. Fill each tube to just above where the center screw is.
  5. Let the lip balm cool and then warm up the remaining mixture in the pot so that you can top off each one of the tubes. Filling the lip balm tubes in two steps ensures that you won’t have a large depressed area with a hole in the center of the lip balm. If this still happens, then you can always add a little bit more lip balm onto the top of the depressed area and use a lighter to melt it onto the rest of the lip balm. If this recipe is just for your own use (and you don’t really care what it looks like) then just fill up each one of the tubes the first time; it won’t affect the final product’s function or usefulness.How to Make DIY Sunscreen Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm with SPF

This all natural sunscreen lip balm is made with ingredients that you can feel good about.
Cost $7


  • 6 lip balm tubes
  • Double boiler or Turkish coffee pot
  • Small spatula


  • Measure each ingredient, except the essential oils, and add them into the double boiler.
  • Melt together the ingredients over low heat.
  • Turn off the heat, then stir the essential oils in.
  • Once the lip balm ingredients are fully integrated, carefully pour the mixture into the empty lip balm tubes.
  • Allow them to harden, then apply to lips before sun exposure!



  1. This recipe looks fantastic! Is it ok to use just beeswax, or is the carunauba important? And if just beeswax, is it the same amount? Also, the vanilla I have is super thick, and I can’t imagine it working in this. Can you recommend a source? Finally, is it ok to substitute another oil for wheatgerm?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Nienna, the carnauba wax is a hard shiny wax that is great for making the lip balm firm. If you use beeswax, the lip balm will be softer. I’m not sure exactly how much you would need to replace the wax, it would be a trial and error basis. You could replace the wheatgerm with more of the other oils, but I really like the wheatgerm in this recipe.

  2. I always try to remember a lip balm with SPF as my lips get chapped in the summer as well as the winter. Thanks for sharing this great recipe with Merry Monday!

  3. Wow! I had no idea about the phototoxic oils. Thanks so much for sharing this at Welcome Home Wednesdays! Hope you will join us next week!

  4. What a great idea!! Any more the ones at the store feel like you’re putting a candle on your lips! :p Pinning this to try! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty


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