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cranberry bog

Fall Cranberry Harvest: Touring the Cranberry Bogs in BC

Did you know that British Columbia is the 3rd largest cranberry producer worldwide? BC produces about 17 million kilograms of cranberries annually on about 50 family farm operations. Cranberries are native to North America and are prized for their tart flavor and anti-inflammatory properties. Cranberries are higher in antioxidants than pretty much every other fruit out there, which makes it a …

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Pickled Radishes With Vinegar These Are Surpringly Addictive

Super Simple Pickled Radishes

There just aren’t enough recipes with radishes. They are just about the most fun veggie out there but they are completely under-appreciated. Radishes are easy to grow, go from seed to food in a month, have gorgeous red (/purple/pink/white) globes hidden under the soil, and they add just the right spicy kick to summer food. Many times we only use them in early spring as they are …

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Sunflower Sprouts DAY 7 From How To Grow Sunflower Microgreens

Wait Until You See These Time Lapse Photos of Sunflower Micro Greens Growing!

Sunflower micro greens are deliciously nutty with the flavor of raw sunflower seeds but with the texture of spinach.  They are easy to grow in just about any container you can find around the house. I like clear plastic salad mix boxes, which are food safe and easily available. But the real magic comes from watching the salad box fill with fresh greens in …

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Coral Red Trio 2

Garden Therapy Handmade: Now Open!

We are so proud to announce the launch of Garden Therapy Handmade on Etsy.  This labour of love involved combining the passion for gardening, photography and home décor into one unique project: Studio Blooms. But a harvest?  Why, yes!  Flowers were grown in our home garden, photographed in studio, then enlarged to mammoth proportions in order to showcase the magnificent details of each individual flower.  The photographs were …

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Personal Sized Apple Pies

Personal-Sized Apple Pies

This past weekend we served up freshly harvested apples as mini pies topped with dulce de leche ice cream and caramel sauce.  Personal-sized pies offer modern take on apple pie and ice cream that adds just enough flair to top off an elegant autumn dinner.  And, really, who doesn’t like getting a whole mini pie all to themselves?  Here is the recipe for 12 of them: Basic …

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Tomato Blight

Late Blight vs.Tomatoes

The race is on.  It’s the time of year when you encourage (plead) with tomatoes to ripen before they succumb to the horrors of Late Blight.     It first starts with a few yellowing leaves. Yikes.  Remove these right away! Then a few brown leaves and whitish-grey powder (spores) can be seen.  Ack! Remove these immediately!  At this point …

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