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Dont Shut Me In Air Plants Need Air.

How to Keep Air Plants Alive and Healthy (They Might Even Bloom!)

Have you adopted one of these spiky Tillandsias just to have it turn brown and crunchy? It’s not your fault, air plants just require a different kind of care than we are used to with our houseplants. Once you know what to do, you will find that air plants are one of the easiest and most versatile indoor plants to take …

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How To Water Air Plants

How to Revive a Sick Air Plant

If your air plant is looking dull, a bit brown, maybe limp, it could mean that it is very thirsty! To revive a sick air plant that has been a tad neglected, shipped from far, far away, or is just looking a little under the weather, this guide will show you how to perk it back up! 1. The first …

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How To Get Your Air Plant To Bloom

Air Plants in Seashells

Air plants look striking all on their own without the need for soil or a container. One of the displays that always makes me smile is air plants in seashells. They make for such a perfect pairing of natural elements that would not be found together. Yet, despite their geographical separation, the seem so happy together. Air plants in seashells… …have …

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Glass Globe Terrarium Sedum Air Plants Tillandsia Shell Moss Medium

Hanging Globe Terrarium

It’s official: I can’t stop making terrariums like this hanging globe terrarium.  Who knew they were so addictive? Something about assembling succulents, mosses, pebbles, seashells, and other found objects and arranging them into a beautiful little glass-encased world is just too much fun. At this rate, my whole house is soon going to be decked out with terrariums of every …

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