Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor Craft Project With Fall Leaves And Burlap

Fall Leaves and Burlap DIY Candles

These festive autumn candle holders combine some of my very favourite craft supplies to work with: mason jars, fall leaves, and burlap ribbon. This simple project will add a rustic glamour to Thanksgiving entertaining or make a great gift.

burlap wrapped mason jar autumn candles


Burlap reminds me of fall. I’m not quite sure why, perhaps because it’s the colour of the garden going to bed for the winter. Or perhaps the texture that reminds me of the roughness of the leaves as they dry out. There are things I don’t like about burlap such as the odor (what is that!?) and how much it sheds.

There are also qualities that make it quite endearing as well. The way the light looks through the loose weave. The versatility of burlap in crafts and decor. The natural look that can both act as a neutral background or feature.burlap wrapped mason jar fall candle craft

To make these burlap wrapped mason jar autumn candles you will need:



Cut a length of burlap ribbon to wrap around the mason jar. Use spray adhesive to glue the ribbon to the jar.autum leaf and mason jar craft project

Use a hot glue gun to add decorative leaves to the burlap. Just a tiny dab will not hurt the leaves.autum leaf and mason jar craft project step 3

Wrap twine around the candle and add a monogram tag to personalize it if you wish.

autum leaf and mason jar craft project with monogramOr tie the garden twine around the center and display with natural elements such as dried Crocosmia seed heads, Japanese maple branches, twine balls, and branch coasters. Set tea lights inside, light them up, and enjoy the glow!

simple Thanksgiving table decor craft project with fall leaves and burlap


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  1. Haylee Wilson
    Haylee WilsonDecember 3,14

    While candles are a great addition to fall decorations, the open flame in close contact with burlap poses a safety risk. Even with the best safety precautions, it’s both wise and recommended to keep your candles free from any flammable materials. To read more on fire safety and candles, check out the National Candle Association’s website:

  2. Stephanie
    StephanieDecember 4,14

    Hi Haylee, thanks for your feedback! The burlap is on the outside of the glass and the candle is wayyyyy down in the bottom of a pint mason jar. It doesn’t even get hot to the touch.

  3. Jennifer
    JenniferSeptember 20,15

    These are so beautiful! They would look great as part of a Thansgiving centerpiece or even at each place setting. They look easy enough to involve the kids in their construction too. I’ve always wondered what that smell is too- fortunately it fades with time!

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