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Heirloom Tomatoes

Starting Veggie Seeds: Root Vegetables and Heat-Lovers

One of the most rewarding ways to grow your own vegetables is to start them from seed plus it’s a great educational experience for kids big and small.  Root veggies like carrots, beets and radishes do the best when planted directly in the soil where they will grow as they have a delicate taproot that doesn’t like to be moved.  Other garden …

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Free tomato seed packet printable

Tomato Seed Envelopes and Free Printable Label

If you’ve been busy saving heirloom tomato seeds and want a cute and simple way ensure they are labeled for the coming year then I’ve gotcha covered.

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How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Forget seed catalogs, I’m shopping for my tomatoes at the farmer’s market.

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How to Make a DIY Tomato Cage

It’s Not Too Late to Make DIY Tomato Cages

If you neglected to put a tomato cage around your plants when they were small, it’s not too late to wrangle out of control stems back into an orderly form. In fact, it’s a great time to get out there are support your plants. What better way to get some garden therapy for Weekend Project #43?

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how to Plant Upside Down Tomato Planters Topsy Turvy DIY

How to Plant an Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Tomatoes in upside-down planters make a great use of space but there are a few important things to know so that your efforts will be fruitful.

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Tomato Blight

Late Blight vs.Tomatoes

The race is on.  It’s the time of year when you encourage (plead) with tomatoes to ripen before they succumb to the horrors of Late Blight.     It first starts with a few yellowing leaves. Yikes.  Remove these right away! Then a few brown leaves and whitish-grey powder (spores) can be seen.  Ack! Remove these immediately!  At this point …

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