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All-Natural Dog Deodorant Spray

Get rid of that stinky dog smell with this DIY dog deodorant that smells like refreshing lavender and lemon. I certainly don’t have a lot of dog, but despite his small size he can get pretty smelly at times. Wet fur from the rain or a swim in the ocean is par for the course when you have a pooch. I love getting outside with him no matter what the weather, but that means that I have a whole lot of extra washing to do to keep his clothes, toys, and bed from smelling like wet dog.DIY Doggie Deordorant for stinky dogs

Meatball gets regular baths, of course, but he does have sensitive skin and bathing too often can cause irritation, so this spray-on doggie deodorant is just the thing to keep him smelling fresh between baths no matter how much dirty, stinky fun he’s been having outside.


Make it!

Fill your spray bottle with ¼ witch hazel and ¾ water. Add about five drops of lemon essential oil and eight drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture. You can add a bit more essential oil if you wish, but don’t make the scent too strong as your dog probably won’t like it. After all, dogs enjoy their natural scent (even when we humans find it a little unpleasant, to say the least).

Lemon and lavender is my preferred scent combination for deodorizing our pooch because it smells very clean, but of course you can use any essential oil combo that you like. I have also used rosemary and mint for this dog spray (and other things around the house that need refreshing), which work great as well.


DIY DOG Deodorant (5)

That’s it, you’re done! Spritz this stuff on Fido’s fur, bed, toys, clothes, and anywhere else that gets that wet dog smell.

Be sure to test a small amount on your dog’s skin before spraying them all over with it. Different dogs have different sensitivities, and although this deodorant is all-natural and very gentle, you never know what could cause your pup to have a bad reaction. Spritz a little bit onto a small patch of your furry friend’s coat and wait at least 24 hours to make sure she or he is unaffected by it before using more.

I also like to pamper Meatball with the occasional home-baked treat! Well, not that occasional. These squirrel cookies were a big hit. Actually, it surprised me to no end how nutso he went for these cookies, given the very basic ingredients. I thought that store-bought cookies would certainly trump the homemade, with all the delicious duck scent and all. But nope, my pooch loves his homemade squirrel cookies and you can get the recipe here.The Homemade Oatmeal Dog Cookies That Drive Dogs CRAZY

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  1. Kristin Ludwig
    Kristin LudwigSeptember 9,16

    I made your stinky dog spray as directions stated. My dog broke out in hives. Thank God for Benedryl.

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseSeptember 9,16

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, Kristin! It sounds like your poor pooch had an allergic reaction to one of the oils. I always recommend testing it on a small area first, because everybody and every dog is different. I would also have a look at the ingredients to make sure that it was pure witch hazel with no additives, and pure essential oils (not fragrance oils) as there can sometimes be hidden ingredients that are causing the issue. Perhaps patch test the pure witch hazel and if that is OK, then add a few drops of lavender and patch test again. Ironically, witch hazel is great for treating inflamed and itchy skin, like hives so it should have helped his/her skin not caused a reaction. Thank you so much for reporting back your experience, it is valuable information to share. All my best, Stephanie

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