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Cleaning Bombs Make Household Chores Easy

These fizzy cleaning bombs are an effective and safe way to quickly and easily clean up toilets, drains, and garbage disposals. Just pop one of these babies in the drain and it will fizz away any grease, buildup, and stinky odors that may be lingering. They contain all-natural ingredients so you don’t need to worry about coming into contact with harsh chemicals that most store-bought household cleaners contain, and they are packaging-free which means no environmentally damaging waste. Oh, and did we mention how much FUN these are to use?

All-Natural DIY Cleaning Bombs


This recipe is not that far off from our eucalyptus shower steamers recipe, only it’s even easier to make because you just shape the cleaning bombs with your hands and don’t need to use molds.


DIY Cleaning Bombs


Cleaning bombs: ingredients

Make it!

Add the baking soda and citric acid to a bowl and mix together with your hands. Add about 20 drops of essential oil, mixing that in with your hands as well.

cleaning bombs recipe

Dilute the castile soap by adding one part soap to four parts water inside the spray bottle. Spray the solution lightly onto the top of the powder mixture, mixing it in quickly with your hands as you spritz.

cleaning bombs for the bath, toilet, and sink

Continue to spray the solution and mix it in until the powder mixture packs together easily in your hands like a snowball. Be careful not to spray too much liquid or the mixture will begin to fizz.

Roll the mixture into teaspoon-sized balls in your hands. Lay the balls out on a piece of parchment paper and allow them to dry until they feel firm. This will take up to 24 hours.

cleaning bombs

Store them in a glass jar and pop one out when you need to refresh your bath, sink, or toilet. Simply toss one down the drain with a little water or into the toilet bowl and watch as it fizzes away, leaving the drain or toilet clean and fresh smelling.

store cleaning bombs in a glass jar

Essential Oils to Use

Here are our favorite essential oil combos for different cleaning jobs.

Sink and Garbage Disposal

A combination of lemon and rosemary essential oils helps to cut tough grease that often builds up in kitchen sinks, and the scent helps to get rid of any yucky old food odors that may be lingering.

Bathtub and Drain

Using bath products such as oils, bubbles, bombs (not the cleaning kind), and melts can cause oily buildup in pipes. Cleaning bombs will go right down the pipes and clean them up instantly. Just drop one down the tub drain after your next bath. You can use any essential oil you like for this, but we like lavender because it is a calming and relaxing scent for the bathroom.

Toilet Fresheners

To refresh and clean the toilet, make bombs using eight drops each of rosemary, tea tree, and peppermint essential oils. These essential oils all have disinfectant properties and work wonders to get rid of unwelcome odors.

cleaning bombs


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    KathyOctober 17,17

    Hi I love your cleaning bomb recipe! We have a septic tank will these ingredients be safe to use?

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    CrysOctober 18,17

    This is a good idea. What’s more is that it helps when the day is busy.

    Thank you for this!

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