Easter Egg Bath Bombs Square

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Making bath bombs can be a really fun project and save a few bucks but, like many things, it is an art that develops over time. I have made my fair share of them. I have soaked my troubles away and enjoyed giving them as gifts.

How to Make Easter Egg Bath BombsWith Easter approaching, I thought bath bombs would be the perfect candy substitute if formed in those plastic eggs that sell everywhere at this time of year.

Easter Egg Bath Fizzers

I was wrong. Those plastic eggs are NOT a good mold for making bath bombs. Not. At. All.

Plastic Easter Eggs

I learned that the shape of the mold is too deep to release the bath bomb easily. Maybe there are some master bombers out there who can make this a successful mold, but that’s not me. I bow down to their skill because I tried it all.

I made them a little wetter…Easter Egg Bath Bombs - too wet…and they turned into blobs.

I made them a little drier….Easter Egg Bath Bombs - too dry…and they crumbled apart.

I pulled them out of the mold quickly…Easter Egg Bath Bombs -cracked…and they cracked in half.

I left them in the molds for a bit longer…Easter Egg Bath Bombs - stuck…and they are never, ever, coming out again.

I also tried oiling the inside of the mold and dusting it with baking soda. Neither of these helped the bombs pop out any better.

How to Make Easter Egg Bath Bombs

So what did I learn about how to make Easter egg bath bombs?  Buy an Easter egg bath bomb mold. They help you to stick both halves together and release them from the mold as they should.

I was able to get a good solid 12 eggs to fill my carton that look pretty good. It wasn’t worth the extra effort though. If I try this project again, next time I will buy the mold.

Easter Egg Tub Fizzers

If you have a mold and want to make some bath bombs, follow this recipe on How to Make Bath Bombs. Really pack each side tightly and pile more of the mixture in between. Squish the two sides together firmly and set for 10-15 seconds. Un-mold them very carefully without twisting. Tap a bit on the mold to release the bomb. It takes a bit of practice, but with the proper equipment you will do just fine once you get the hang of it.

After all that work…I think I’ll go have a nice soothing bath with one of my less-than-perfect-but-still-heavenly ugly egg bombs. Maybe it wasn’t a waste after all!

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  1. Riverlea Soap/ Odette Handley
    Riverlea Soap/ Odette HandleyMarch 31,13

    Hi there
    I would say if you take a spoon and tap the top of the mould it should release the bomb. ALSO wipe the moulds often with a clean cloth – this helps too. Good luck

  2. Terri
    TerriMarch 27,14

    I wonder if poking a hole in the ends would help? Regardless, a really cute idea!

  3. Gloria
    GloriaMarch 28,14

    How about wrapping them in plastic wrap in the egg??

  4. Stephanie
    StephanieMarch 28,14

    Hi Terri & Gloria,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I think those are both worth trying.

    I did love them so much that I bought the actual Easter egg bath bomb mould so I’m overflowing with eggs now that easily pop right out!

    • Jillian
      JillianMarch 23,16

      Hi I clicked the link but the page no longer exists. Which mold did you purchase and where?

      • Stephanie Rose
        Stephanie RoseMarch 24,16

        Hi Jillian, yes, I can’t seem to find the hard plastic ones anywhere any more! There are silicone ones, like this http://amzn.to/1UKDU2v, but I haven’t tried them. The hard plastic ones are usually best.

  5. Stephanie
    StephanieMarch 28,14

    Riverlea Soap – thanks for the suggestions! That’s good practice for all my bath bomb making. I appreciate it.

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  8. The Nova Studio
    The Nova StudioMarch 29,16

    Those turned out so super cute! I’ve seen bad ones bagged up & given away as gifts with tags that say “pixie dust” or something to that effect, so even the disasters can turn out to be useful ;)

  9. Christina
    ChristinaMarch 17,17

    Hi, I recently tried using the Easter egg moulds not knowing they wouldn’t turn out. Recipe was great! Everything looked and smelled great, except I couldn’t get them out of the moulds! I even tried tapping them with a spoon – no luck. The egg moulds had holes for venting, but that didn’t help either. I will look into getting a proper bath bomb mould. I have learnt my lesson!

    Also, the idea of bagging up the cracked and not great ones and calling them pixie dust is a GREAT idea!

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