Green Tea Terrarium Square

Green Tea Terrarium

This project is just one of the fabulous projects from Kat Geiger’s brand new book, Terrariums Reimagined: Mini Worlds Made in Creative Containers. This full-color craft book shows you how to make and maintain 24 playful plant environments in unique containers. You can create an arid desert with cacti in an old light fixture, plant colorful succulents in an unused fish tank, or craft a tropical island in an empty rum bottle.

Green Tea Terrarium ProjectGreen Tea Terrarium

This adorable vessel brings a whole new meaning to the words “green tea.” Purchased at a consignment store, this glass herbal teapot now houses beautiful air plants and mosses. The top of the teapot can be removed to increase airflow or closed to retain more moisture, depending on the type of planting. For this project, Tillandsia ionantha was selected for its beautiful blooms, along with reindeer moss.

 For this project you will need:

Tillandsia Planting Instructions 1

Basic Tillandsia Terrarium Planting Instructions

1. Create a drainage layer of approximately 1 inch at the bottom of the vessel using gravel. Place the gravel in the bottle by creating a funnel with your hands. The pebbles will allow water to sift through and pool at the bottom, maintaining humidity within the vessel and creating a barrier between the plant and the accumulated water.

Tillandsia Planting Instructions 1.2

2. Gently push the Tillandsia plant through the opening of the bulb, bending the leaves upwards if necessary. Allow the Tillandsia to sit on top of the pebbles away from any pooled water, which will rot the plant. (Tillandsia is an epiphytic plant with no true roots. It obtains moisture through its leaves by absorbing humidity through the air.)

Tillandsia Planting Instructions 2

3. Place preserved reindeer moss or lichen-covered twigs where desired for added color.

Tillandsia Planting Instructions 3

4. Use a medicine dropper to place one teaspoon of water on the pebbles (not directly on the plant). The water should pool slightly at the bottom of the vessel. When you notice that the water has completely evaporated, repeat this step. It may be necessary to water anywhere from biweekly to monthly. This terrarium should be kept in bright, indirect light.

Sourcing: Glass herbal teapots are hard to come by at thrift stores, but they can always be found online at major retailers or by conducting a quick Internet search. Decorative pebbles and Tillandsia ionantha are available at your local nursery or home improvement warehouse. Reindeer moss can be sourced online at moss vendors or foraged outdoors. Purchase chopsticks at your local supermarket, and medicine droppers at the pharmacy.


Reprinted with permission from Terrariums Reimagined: Mini Worlds Made in Creative Containers by Kat Geiger © 2013. Published by Ulysses Press.  Photography courtesy of Ulysses Press.

Terrariums Reimagined Mini Worlds Made in Creative ContainersThe contest is now closed. Congratulations to Denyse who won a copy of this book!



  1. Twigwoman
    TwigwomanJune 13,13

    WOW very exciting!!! I long ago in an earlier part of my Life I made a giant terrarium in an old popcorn machine……. Now I Am a Grandmother raising a granddaughter and THIS would be a GREAT project for us as I have already begun to instill in her a love of gardening!!!
    (I hope)

  2. Laura Weaver
    Laura WeaverJune 13,13

    I love to use teapots as planters, they hang and drain beautifully on a fence, wall, or whearever.

  3. Lori
    LoriJune 13,13

    Love this idea, looks so easy and pretty. Thanks

  4. Dee
    DeeJune 13,13

    I love creative terrariums!

  5. Anya
    AnyaJune 14,13

    Love anything to do with terrariums. The teapot is great!

  6. Lisa
    LisaJune 15,13

    These are beautiful! I always want to make one myself but can never find all the supplies. I’d absolutely love the book as well. Plus, I pinned and tweeted ;)

  7. Roxane
    RoxaneJune 15,13

    Wow, these are beautiful!! I’m really interested in making assorted terrariums but can’t find the supplies. The book is one I would love to have. I posted on facebook :)

  8. Margaret woodford
    Margaret woodfordJune 16,13

    Made these years ago and always loved the many different ways they could be created !

  9. bonnie@uncommon designs
    [email protected] designsJune 17,13

    Love love this! The little teapot is just perfect! Thanks!!

  10. Shana
    ShanaJune 17,13

    I love it! How perfect—I love tea AND air plants! Beautiful!

  11. Melissa
    MelissaJune 18,13

    I would love to make these & always winning one is nice too.

  12. Deanie Diver
    Deanie DiverJune 18,13

    The only plants that I have ever been successful with are air plants and terrariums. I also have huge teapot collection and this would be a perfect addition. If I don’t win it, I am sure going to try to make one. Thanks!!!

  13. Stephanie Midkiff
    Stephanie MidkiffJune 18,13

    I love this idea of using the teapot. I have shared this to both my facebook and my pinterest walls. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Denyse Holm-Moberly
    Denyse Holm-MoberlyJune 19,13

    I love the creative and fresh ideas for terrariums. I would love this book.

  15. Denyse Holm-Moberly
    Denyse Holm-MoberlyJune 19,13

    I tweeted the contest link.

  16. Denyse Holm-Moberly
    Denyse Holm-MoberlyJune 19,13

    I pinned in Pinterest for my followers.

  17. Denyse Holm-Moberly
    Denyse Holm-MoberlyJune 19,13

    I posted on my facebook page.

  18. Jenna
    JennaJune 20,13

    LOVE this! Such a clever terrarium! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  19. Rose S.
    Rose S.June 21,13

    Love all the beautiful designs. I certainly could use a few tips as many of my terrariums have wilted. I am obviously over- or under- doing somthing ;-(

  20. karen
    karenJune 21,13

    I would love to learn how to make these

  21. Jeannine
    JeannineJune 21,13

    I would love to have a copy of this book!

  22. Mary Ann
    Mary AnnJune 21,13

    Love it……. Thanks for sharing

  23. Kylee from Our Little Acre
    Kylee from Our Little AcreJune 24,13

    Really pretty! I’d love to see the other projects in this book!

  24. Elizabeth Bee
    Elizabeth BeeJune 25,13

    Love the teapot example. Thanks for this giveaway and for your blog inspiration!

  25. Giselle Gonzales
    Giselle GonzalesJune 25,13

    Love this project! Love your website too!

  26. Candy Hamilton
    Candy HamiltonJune 25,13

    Love it! I made these back in the day!

  27. Sue Schulte
    Sue SchulteJune 25,13

    I love terrariums and air plants. I’m going to have to make one of these!

  28. Sue Schulte
    Sue SchulteJune 25,13

    I also pinned it and shared it on Facebook too!

  29. ToCo
    ToCoJune 26,13

    I’m in!

  30. ToCo
    ToCoJune 26,13

    I shared on Facebook…Toby Erin Collins

  31. Rose K.
    Rose K.June 28,13

    Would love, love, love to win this. Just made my first one! sharing on facebook.

  32. Tammy Bonin
    Tammy BoninJune 28,13

    Wonderful project! My little one loves “little” gardens. Will be so fun for him to help with. Thank you for the great idea.

  33. kathy c.
    kathy c.June 28,13

    So nice to see a focus on terrariums. Reminds me of the creativity of the 70’s when they were huge! Refreshing!

  34. kathy c.
    kathy c.June 28,13

    now I will share with all my teacher friends and other friends on FB.

  35. Abby E.
    Abby E.June 28,13

    I love the new ideas! I have 2 terrariums I need to fill! :)

  36. Martha F.
    Martha F.June 28,13

    Boy, does this bring back memories! I had a beautiful terrarium I made back in the ’70’s. Maybe it’s time to try again!

  37. Nicole Stice
    Nicole SticeJune 28,13

    Love air plants! lol Sharing via Facebook for my other garden friends to enjoy>

  38. Arjun Rudra
    Arjun RudraJune 28,13

    Fingers crossed.

  39. Kimberly Stover
    Kimberly StoverJune 28,13

    This is such a pretty idea. I love my plants. This will give me a unique way to display them. I have shared with my friends on FB and also pinned to Pinterest to share.

  40. Arjun Rudra
    Arjun RudraJune 28,13

    Shared on twitter:

  41. Arjun Rudra
    Arjun RudraJune 28,13

    Shared on Facebook:

  42. Shirley Curtis
    Shirley CurtisJune 28,13

    Love it!! My husband and I love plants and this will be a nice way to showcase them. Thanks.

  43. Phyllis Hedrick
    Phyllis HedrickJune 28,13

    Love terrariums.

  44. Emilia
    EmiliaJune 28,13

    it’s perfect shared on twitter, pinterest, facebook as @Travelluna

  45. Erin
    ErinJune 28,13

    I love the idea of a terrarium, one would look great in my house!

  46. jan
    janJune 29,13

    i love this my mom had these around he house.

  47. Gypsy Wools
    Gypsy WoolsJuly 3,13

    I love that you put it in a tea kettle! It’s so cute! One question though, where did you find the glass tea kettle?

  48. Stephanie
    StephanieJuly 3,13

    Hi Gypsy Wools, I put some links to the materials in the post for you. I hope this helps!

  49. Linda
    LindaAugust 24,13

    They mentioned chopsticks but I didn’t see why. Did I miss something??

  50. judy
    judyAugust 25,13

    hey, js the moss alive ? I want to make one and do it right where it might have a chance of actually living. lol

  51. Eric Mot
    Eric MotNovember 5,14

    I will try to make one , to put on my fireplace with stockings

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