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Make Handcrafted Soap the Easy Way!

I love using all- natural products in the bath and shower. They smell so divine and leave my skin feeling so soft that a simple morning shower can be transformed into an at-home spa treatment. Based on the wild popularity of this post on making all-natural cold-process soap from scratch, I know that you love making your own soap as much as I do. Handmade natural soap smells wonderful and is gentle on skin, plus it makes a gorgeous gift and can be personalized to the taste of the lucky person you’re giving it to (honey soap, anyone? Or how about lavender grapefruit? Are you drooling yet? The possibilities are endless!). I do, however, get a lot of questions on whether there is a shortcut that you can take to speed up the process (while still getting beautiful, natural soap as a result) because the cold-process soap recipe requires a lot of time and is not the simplest project. The answer to your question: why, yes, there is an easier way! And you can learn how to become a soap artisan yourself, the quick way, over on my eBay blog where I’ve shared how to make handcrafted soap the easy way :Handcrafted Soap the Easy Way!

The Easy Way to Make Natural Homemade Soap

I make all of my own soap for the craft of it, and while I am nowhere near the artist that some soap makers are, I find it enjoyable to practice. I also like to control the ingredients by choosing the natural fats (oils and butters), herbs, colors, and scents that go into my soaps. I pick my own scents using natural essential oils that have aromatherapy properties which heal my soul while they clean my body. Depending on which scent combinations you use, you can make soaps that help you unwind, de-stress, feel energized, or just smell yummy enough to eat. I recommend that you experiment with lots of different scent-combinations to find the ones that you like the most, but to get you started on your way to artisanal soap-maker status I’ve compiled some of my personal favorite recipes. You can find them here:

Handcrafted Soap the Easy Way!

this luxurous honey soap recipe is incrediby healing for your skinHandcrafted Soap the Wasy Way! pink grapefruit and lavender handmade cold process soap recipe

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    Your soap is beautiful! You did a great job at discussing the different types :)

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