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Hooty the Owl Pumpkin

This owl pumpkin is an easy way to add a unique spin to your Halloween or fall decor. This year I was playing a bit more with different designs for Jack-O-Planterns and I’m happy with how this one turned out. The white pumpkin seemed to beg to become something elegant; an owl, no less!

Owl made from a white pumpkin, succulents and evergreen "ears" - a great Halloween or fall decorating project!

The white owl pumpkin planter was inspired by my favorite visitors, snowy owls. I went to visit them a while back (you can see my photos here) and I now go each year hoping to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. They are simply stunning with large, graceful wingspans and downy, white feathers. Of course, snowy owls don’t have tufts of feathers like great horned owls do (which are not horns or ears, just feathers), but the pumpkin needed a little more detail to read “owl.” It may not be a correct representation of any one species of owl, but it’s a cute way to decorate my porch for the fall. I’m sure the real owls will forgive me!

An owl jack o lantern, or jack o PLANTern, made simply with a pumpkin, sedum, and evergreens. Easy fall decor idea for the outdoors!


  • White pumpkin with beak-like stem
  • Sharp knife
  • Potting soil
  • Two large Sempervivum rosettes
  • Evergreen cuttings

Make it!

If you can find one, choose a white pumpkin with a stem that points to one side and a flat side to lay it down on. You will be displaying the pumpkin by setting it on the flat side, so bonus points if you can find one where the stem points downward. The best I could do had the stem off to the side, which I still think gives a beak-ish appearance.

How to make an owl out of a pumpkin

Cut out a round circle in the top of the pumpkin (remember, the top is now the side opposite the flat side).

Clean out the pumpkin (roast the seeds using this highly addictive pumpkin seeds recipe) and fill with soil.

Planting sedum in a white pumpkin

Cut two small openings in the front of the pumpkin for the “eyes.” Remove the Sempervivum rosettes from their soil, leaving a small root ball intact and plant into the openings.

Fall or Halloween owl decoration with succulents and a white pumpkin - so cute!

Create “horns” by cutting two horn-shaped pieces from the sides of the pumpkin lid. Replace the lid back on the pumpkin and set the horns into the holes. Use evergreen clippings to add a feathery look to the horns.

Pin it:

Turn a white pumpkin and some black succulents into a hooty owl planter!

Display in a covered, cool location, away from direct sunlight, snow, or rain. More information on How to Make Pumpkin Planters Last can be found in this post:

How I keep my pumpkin planters looking beautiful for a month!

For more Jack-O-Plantern ideas check out this post and this one too.

How to Make Jack o Planterns





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  2. Oh, great idea for Halloween decoration. I have never thought that you can decorate pumpkin in this way :) It will be very nice to see some more ideas like that.

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