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Recycling Cards into Gift Tags

If you are still busy working on the last Weekend Project20 Crafty Recycling Projects You Can Make With Your Christmas Tree, you will be happy to see this quick and easy project for this week, recycling Christmas cards into gift tags. It’s simple, reduces waste, and is a great way to save the thoughtful holiday cards you were lucky enough to receive.

Recycling Christmas Cards into Gift Tags


Make it!

1. Gather all your pretty Christmas cards and recycle any parts with handwritten or personalized sentiments.

Christmas Card Recycling Project

2. If you have a tag punch this next step will take mere minutes. Just position, punch, and ta-da! You have a gift tag. This would also work with round or flower shaped punches, or if you don’t have any of those you can use scissors. I must say that I use my punch far more than I thought I would. I can recycle tissue boxes, packaging, and other decorative card stock into pretty tags that are handy with all the handmade stuff I give away.

Recycling Christmas Cards with Tag Punch

3. For some cards you may be able to get a bunch of tags…

Make Your Cards into Gift Tags

…others may only have one image that will work…

Recycling Holiday Cards into Gift Tags

…and with some you can use the sentiment as long as it fits well in the area.

Christmas Card Recycling Idea

4. The final step is to punch a hole in the top of each tag. You can now store them away until next year when you unpack the tags and memories of this holiday season.

Punch a hole in the gift tags

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  1. With xmas around the corner, this is a excellent idea. I’ve got a ton of these old cards in the attic. And lots of variety too.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this idea, Stephanie.This is really adorable.After reading this article I learn the real usage of cards.I will try this soon.

  4. OMG! This would have been perfect for this Chrismas. I wish I could have found this post 10 days early.

    Either way, you have put it so beautifully. My cat Daisy would love it.


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