How To Remove Suckers From A Tree

How to Remove Suckers from Trees (and Why They are There in the First Place)

If your tree is slowly turning into a shrub by sending up suckers—a host of thin, upright branches from the base of the trunk or soil near the base of the tree—then here are some tips on why it might be happening and how to remove suckers from trees.How to remove suckers and water sprouts from trees. How to remove and prevent the thin, upright branches growing from the base of the trunk or soil near the base of the tree.

Trees send up suckers as a reaction to stress. Your smart tree is putting up an effort to survive in a less than perfect environment. Those suckers are a way of multiplying, ensuring the lineage of the tree lives on. If the tree can’t survive, the suckers will grow in its place.

Suckers are often seen on urban trees that are planted in the “hell strip,” the strip of grass or garden between the street and the sidewalk. This strip is often a very stressful place for a tree to grow, with poor soil that is flanked by concrete. The soil gets compacted from the pressure on the paved surfaces, and the concrete generates a lot of additional heat. Trees that have been growing in the hell strip will not thrive and produce as well as their counterparts in healthy soil with ample room for roots. These trees will often have more diseases and pests, and they send up suckers as a response to the stress they are under.

Drought is another reason why a tree might send up suckers. Upright branches from the base or upper branches as a result of drought conditions are called water sprouts. Water sprouts are the tree’s reaction to being thirsty.

A tree can also send up water sprouts and suckers as a result of improper pruning. A description of this is covered in this article on pruning.

As much of a nuisance as they are, the issue is primarily aesthetic. The tree is calling out for help, and if you listen perhaps you can help by improving the soil, moisture, or structure. Or you can simply choose to remove the suckers and keep up on the job as they appear. In some cases, like with older trees, this is not a bad solution. You could provide more water, better soil, and prune more carefully, but as the tree ages it will be more prone to suckers and this may just be how you have to manage it for the foreseeable future. Young trees, however, need more attention to the cause, as they shouldn’t be so stressed out at such a young age.

SPONSORED CONTENT: This post was sponsored by Fiskars, who also provided me with Fiskars Clearing Tools: a Hatchet and a Billhook Saw.  All of the opinions that are shared in this post are my own. Fiskars has also generously provided a giveaway for one of our lucky readers! See how to enter at the end of the post.

How to Remove Suckers From Trees

I have a couple of trees that I regularly will need to remove suckers from. My Corkscrew Hazel, Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’, has gorgeous contorted and twisted branches that look best when the leaves have fallen. It’s prone to suckers that hide the true beauty of the trunk of the tree so they get chopped off regularly.corkscrew-hazelnut

I like to use a hatchet or billhook saw to remove the suckers at the base. Ideally, you want to get as close to the base as possible without cutting into the trunk. The nodes that send up more growth are located near where the suckers originate, so you need to remove those nodes in order to prevent regrowth.How to remove suckers and water sprouts from trees. How to remove and prevent the thin, upright branches growing from the base of the trunk or soil near the base of the tree.

To remove suckers at the base of a trunk, use a hatchet to hook around the suckers and pull them off. The blade will prune those that do not pull off more easily. Use pruners or the saw of the billhook saw to clean up any stubs that are left over.sawing-the-suckers-with-the-billhook-saw

To remove suckers under the soil, first try to pull them up. If they can easily be pulled off the roots then you are likely to get the growth nodes as well. If not, use the tip of the hatchet to loosen the soil around the suckers and then use the hook under the soil to cut the stem.

The hatchet can also be used to quickly remove watersprouts that grow in the spring and summer. Use the hook blade to swiftly remove the watersprouts at the branch. Then use the hatchet to quickly chop the pieces for the compost or yard waste bin.

prune my espalier apple tree in the fall each year after letting it grow quite steadily throughout the summer. I use bypass pruners to remove the thinner branches, the billhook saw for the larger branches, and then quickly chop them up to fit in the green waste bin using the hatchet.

Here is my espalier apple before:

espalier-beforefiskars-billhook-saw fiskars-hatchet how-to-remove-suckers-from-a-tree

And after:


These tools can also be used for cutting back unruly and overgrown brush, removing tree roots from the soil, and dividing perennials. You can see more of the many uses of Fiskars clearing tools in this video:


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    I live in rural Ohio! Get a lot of mulberry trees started by the birds as they drop seed! Of course, they are sitting in my blue rose of Sharon bush, which has been beautiful if you don’t count the huge mulberry tree trying to take it over. I think this tool would be fantastic as I work around my yard!!

  97. Pamela Cremer
    Pamela CremerOctober 17,16

    I live in Shawnee KS, USA, and have been struggling with a Star Magnolia that has really been sending up these suckers this year. Now I know why and I feel bad that my lovely tree is under stress!

  98. Christine Cantrell
    Christine CantrellOctober 17,16

    I garden for my soul to survive and thrive. I hated weeding in childhood, but love tending to flowers, bushes and trees surrounding my home in Michigan. I have a Concertina Crabapple that refularly sends up suckers. I’m glad to learn how to manage this, in the article. I love Fisker sissors that I use with Pendleton wool to create song birds, hawks and peacocks in soft sculptures. Check out my Etsy store at FirstBirdReCreation. Christine Cantrell, Berkley, MI, US

  99. sandra dodgson
    sandra dodgsonOctober 17,16

    I live in Pensacola, fl. I have crepe myrtles that are always growing suckers.

  100. Elaine Condon
    Elaine CondonOctober 17,16

    I live in Silver Lake, Oregon on the edge of the high desert. We can get a frost every month of the year. My Lombardy poplars have been sending out suckers for 7 or 8 years. This is a very interesting article about the whys. If you are an RV’er stop at Elaine’s RV park when traveling through south central Oregon!!!! (Just had to throw that in!!! :-) )

  101. Sylvia Oey
    Sylvia OeyOctober 18,16

    Sacramento, California, calls itself “the city of trees.” I understand the two elms planted in the “hell strip” in front of my house are eighty years old. Considering their age, location, and the draught, it’s no wonder I’m constantly battling suckers!

  102. Marilyn White
    Marilyn WhiteOctober 18,16

    I have been battling suckers on my crabapple tree for years and have tried a lot of different methods for keeping them at bay with not much success. I am pleased that Fiskars has developed these tools for controlling them and I was very pleased with the information. IThe only time the suckers don’t bother me is during our long winters in upstate New York on the Canadian border!

  103. Jennifer Heath
    Jennifer HeathOctober 18,16

    Thanks for the useful information. We have 10½ acres and I’m trying to get the sides of the yard cleaned up where it meets the woods. I could definitely use some help :)

    • Jennifer Heath
      Jennifer HeathOctober 18,16

      I forgot to say that I live in Strawberry Plains in beautiful East Tennessee.

  104. Sue Nolan
    Sue NolanOctober 18,16

    I live on 10 acres in Everson WA. My trees and shrubs would absolutely love the attention from some great Fiskar tools and I would be totally overjoyed to use them!

  105. Kathy
    KathyOctober 18,16

    I need these tools to make gardening easier. At 64 years old, anything that will assist me in continuing to enjoy my garden would be most welcomed. What great tools! If I don’t win, I could always ask Santa for one. 🎅🏼

  106. Laura Harrison
    Laura HarrisonOctober 18,16

    We bought a fixer upper on 6 aces on the TN/KY line. There are a lot of trees and bushes on the property. It has been neglected for a long time. I spent the better of 2 months pruning, pulling, and lopping trees, brush, and the biggest weeds I have ever encountered. We bought a pair of Fiskars hand loppers and a Fiskar lopper with extendable handles. Hope I win. I have much more to do and More Fiskars tools would be awesome.

  107. alice gober
    alice goberOctober 18,16

    I live In Central Alabama and have tons of weeds to take care of in our flower and vegetable gardens.

  108. Marlene Daniels
    Marlene DanielsOctober 18,16

    I live in mid Michigan, if we were in person I could show you on my hand. Hehehe Anyways we have several apple trees, pear trees, and cherry trees. These are always sending up shoots.. The tools would come in very handy, I love Friskars tools. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  109. Lori Roberts
    Lori RobertsOctober 18,16

    I live in Utah and found this very informative. It will help me understand how my fruit trees grow and how to take care if them. I didn’t know Fiskars made these tools.

  110. Beth
    BethOctober 18,16

    Very useful article! I am in Rochester, NY, and plan to go out hunting for suckers :)
    We have mostly old trees.

  111. Wonder Wyant
    Wonder WyantOctober 18,16

    I live in South Dakota and I don’t know much about how to take care of trees. Hence, I’m here learning. These look like great tools that I probably can’t afford.

  112. Marjie Hicks
    Marjie HicksOctober 18,16

    I live in Roy, WA. We have several fruit trees with suckers that need care. Thank you for this informative article.

  113. Elizabeth
    ElizabethOctober 18,16

    In Maryland and I wondered why those suckers sprouted and if my cutting tactic was appropriate. NOW, I have clear guidance & know what tool I don’t yet have !! Love Fiskar tools !!

  114. Diane Wagner
    Diane WagnerOctober 18,16

    Great article and thank you for including the source for the tools!!!

  115. judie smith
    judie smithOctober 18,16

    I live in Chatham Ontario. I have a Viburnum that regularly sends up suckers and they are somewhat hard to remove-this set would make it much easier.

  116. Bonnie
    BonnieOctober 19,16

    I live in Michigan and have many, many tress around me. We live on 1.25 acres surrounded by woods. So we are always trimming tress somewhere. I have a Magnolia tree out front and it needs some trimming with lots of suckers. Those tools would be great to use on that tree.

  117. Mary Anderson
    Mary AndersonOctober 20,16

    I have a lovely garden on the edge of the woods in Ontario, Canada. Every spring and fall I am cutting back the unwanted growth that tends to creep in from the forest. I also maintain twenty Apple trees on the property. These wonderful Fiskers tools would be a welcome assistance to my continual garden upkeep.

  118. Patricia English
    Patricia EnglishOctober 20,16

    I live in Western North Carolina on two acres in my forever house! I am growing 3 types of apple trees and two pear trees. This is a first for me! The learning curve is an exciting journey!

  119. Kerri Warren
    Kerri WarrenOctober 21,16

    we live in almost northern Ontario; trimming shrubs and trees is a constant part of gardening. These instructions are great, almost as good as the Fiskar hatchet and pruner. These would be a great aid in the constant battle against Manitoba maples

  120. Sheila Gist
    Sheila GistOctober 22,16

    I have all kinds of trees and stumps with suckers like thosed pictured. I could really use these tools.

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