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Dividing Succulents

If your succulents are starting to look a little scraggly or maybe sending out a bunch of offshoots, it’s a great time to easily and inexpensively increase your collection…

How to Divide Succulents via

…so you can make some of the projects out there like this beautiful succulent wreath

How to divide succulents

…or these vintage silver succulent planters.Dressing up vintage silver with cool succulents

Dividing succulents like Sempervivum and Sedum is incredible easy as many will simply do the work for you by sending out a smaller offset plan on a runner. This project is just as easy as propagating Echeveria as we did for this project.Dividing Succulents via gardentherapy.caSucculent Offshoots for Transplanting via

Remove these runners by cutting the stem as close to the base as you can. Cut the stem of the offshoot to be about an inch or two long and leave the end cut to dry in a cool, shady place for a day or so.Trimming Succulent Offshoots via

Plant the offshoots in trays of cactus soil which has a good balance of drainage for these little plants to thrive.Propagating Succulents via

Water sparingly until they have set up some strong roots. When they are large enough, it’s time to transplant them to their new homes around the garden.Small Planter with Succulents via

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  1. Kim Smith
    Kim SmithMarch 18,14

    I am very interested in succulents as I make and plant hypertufa troughs. But I didn’t divide up the succulents in the fall. I thought I should wait until spring when they have the growth spurt, and then the full year to establish. I am in Ohio zone 6, so it may be different here. But love your photos. Thanks.

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