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Succulents So Many Ways! Creative Projects that Celebrate Succulents

Succulents are a creative gardener’s dream! They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they thrive so well planted in so many different containers that you can come up with a million unique ways to grow and display these sweet little plants. Whether you want to grow them outdoors or in (or hang them on the door as a living wreath!), in tiny planters or large ones, these plants are the perfect way to find and show your unique gardening style. Some of the succulent projects in this list use living succulent plants in artistic ways, while some of them draw on succulents as inspiration to create art made from different materials.

Creative Ideas for Sucuclents


Set a Place in the Garden for a Succulent Chair Planter

This lush succulent planter is a fun and funky way to repurpose an old chair that doesn’t have a seat. If people can’t sit in it anymore, succulents can! Choose a wide variety of succulents in different colors, sizes, and shapes, planting the tallest ones at the back for the most pleasing design.How to Make a DIY Succulent Chair Planter



Wooden Letters

Add succulents to wooden letters for some fresh decor. Cover the whole letter or just choose part of it for a focal point.

Add succulents to wooden letters

A Sweet and Succulent Valentine

This heart-shaped succulent planter is a sweet gift at any time of year! It’s planted in a tin leftover from Valentine’s chocolates. Not many plants would grow in such a shallow container, but succulents thrive and look gorgeous.

A sweet and sugar-free way to say I love you - make a succulent valentine

A Succulent Snow Globe Will Be the Star of Your Collection

These adorable snow globes are made using recycled jars and artificial succulents. They have all the whimsy and nostalgia of a traditional snow globe, but with a modern, garden-themed twist!

Succulent snow globes are the perfect decorations for plant lovers. Make these DIY decorations from easy-to-find materials and enjoy the garden all year.

Lion’s Head Planter

I love how my succulents look atop this lion’s head planter! Succulents are gorgeous but simple enough to compliment an ornate planter like this one without making it look too busy.

succulent lion's head planter

Find Peace of Mind in a Mini Succulent Zen Garden

Small Zen gardens made with sand are used for practicing meditation by creating designs in the sand mindfully. We love that idea and wanted to create my own version with a little greenery. The Garden Therapy solution? Succulents!

make a succulent Zen Garden

Salad Bowl Planter

For a sleek, minimalist display, plant succulents directly into a bowl. As they grow, the succulents will start to trail over the edges and down the sides a bit, making it look even better.

succulents planted in a bowl

Shooting Star Succulent Planter

Many succulents look like a starburst, with their pointy leaves and rosette shapes. This upcycled star-shaped planter looks beautiful planted with a galaxy of succulents in different colors.

succulent star planter

Beeswax Succulent Mason Jar Candles

We love succulents and we love making candles, so obviously we have a succulent candle project! You won’t believe how easy these are to make. They make a great gift that will bring an instant smile to any fellow succulent-lover’s face.Succulent candles

Birdcage Succulent Planter

Pretty vintage birdcages seem to be everywhere these days. They make a lovely hanging planter. Grow succulents inside and watch them trail down elegantly. Hang just one of these in the backyard for a beautiful focal point, or make a bunch and hang them around to decorate a special outdoor event like a summer wedding.

a pretty vintage birdcage repurposed as a planter for succulents

Make a Living Semper-Viva Succulent Wreath

This gorgeous wreath is one of our favorite succulent projects because it is just so lush and vibrant. Living wreaths are wonderful because they are like a mini garden on your door and they don’t fade quickly like fresh wreaths can. Succulents will root and grow right in a wreath form and they will spread and fill in as the plants get more established.

living succulent wreath

Succulent Grapevine Wreath

You can also make a succulent wreath using a grapevine base, you will just need to refresh the plants every now and then to keep it looking its best!

succulent wreath with a grapevine base

How to Paint Watercolor Succulents the Easy Way

Watercolor paint yields distinctive, loose brushstrokes and transparent colors that can be layered and combined in interesting ways. It can be a tricky technique to get started with, but this simple step-by-step tutorial and succulent template make it easy to create your own succulent-inspired work of art.

how to make succulent art with watercolor paint

Succulent Frame

If you want something more unique than a framed painting, how about framing some living plants? You can see how I made this picture perfect succulent artwork in my book Garden Made.

succulent frame planter

Stunning Terracotta Pot Succulent Centerpiece

A collection of extra flowerpots, a simple white pillar candle, and assorted succulents come together to make this rustic and unique centerpiece. Set it up on an outdoor table and wow everyone who visits your patio this summer.

a centerpiece made with succulents and old flowerpots

All of these succulent projects are just a small sample of what you could create with succulents if you use your imagination! If you make any of these projects or come up with your own idea using any of these as inspiration, please send us a photo or tell us about it in the comments.

Find Plenty More About Succulents Here:



  1. I love all these amazing ideas! How stunning the are! I wish I could have them all. Thank you for sharing!


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