Wood Burned Spoon Plant Markers Project Instructions

Decorative Wood Plant Markers

There are so many plant markers out there in the world. Heck, there are so many plant markers on Garden Therapy (like these, and these, and these ones are just so cute!). Why so many? Well, they are a fun rainy-day craft that adds a bit of personality to the garden. Oh, and they help you remember what you planted! These wood plant markers are decorative and fun to make, making them the perfect addition to the garden.Decorative and Practical Wood Burned Plant Markers - pretty and they won't fade!

Wood burning mixing spoons is a way to ensure that your plant label will not fade. Of course, you could also decorate the label with paint or even a marker, but you would be missing out on the part of this project that is so much fun! It certainly takes a little getting used to the feel of wood burning, but these inexpensive wooden spoons are a great place to start. Plus, they have a smooth surface which smooths out the learning curve a bit.




Let’s get started by plugging in the wood burning pen to preheat it. Now, draw the design you would like to burn on the wooden spoon with the pencil.Wood Burned Spoon Plant Markers Step 1

Follow the instructions on the wood burning pen to burn the design into the wood. For this project, I used the pen tip. I burned the lines and outlined the leaves first.Wood Burned Spoon Plant Markers Step 2

Then I used the tip to burn smaller leaves on the stems and define the lettering.

Wood Burned Spoon Plant Markers Step 3

Finally I used the side of the pen to rub the wood until it turned a bit darker and filled in the leaves.

Wood Burned Spoon Plant Markers


Add some graphical elements to the handle if you wish and then give the spoon a wash with soap and water to remove any leftover pencil marks.

Plant in the garden and enjoy forever and ever and ever and ever.

How to make pretty plant labels with a wood burning pen


Now isn’t this a fun way to use kitchen utensils out in the garden?

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