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Home Candle Making book

Make and Give Home Candle Making

Easy ideas for making & Gifting artisan-inspired candles

This book features 12 different artisan-inspired candle projects that can be easily replicated at home and are suitable for many different occasions. Once you are finished crafting each stunning candle, designer Stephanie Rose provides sweet gift-giving suggestions.

Wouldn’t you rather make something that can be given as a gift than shop for something much less personal? Of course, you can always make one for yourself as well! So relax, and enjoy your new candle-making hobby.

Whether for shower or wedding favors, to celebrate a birthday, or just as a special token of friendship, a handmade candle is a heartfelt gift. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make absolutely gorgeous handcrafted candles that look like they came from a boutique.

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