Wedding Favor Candles

Mason Jar Candle Wedding Favors

My sister is getting married in August! This has really started me thinking about wedding favors and how much fun it is to give something away that is handmade. And let’s not forget the savings from making your own. Most of all, I think that a little handmade flare for your wedding day is a thoughtful way to say thank you to guests from far and wide. That’s what I love about these Mason jar candle favors!

Mason jar candle wedding favors

My sister’s colors are coral and mint (love!) so I made up some of these cute Mason jar candles as an idea for her wedding favors. You can see the full instructions on how to make them in this step-by-step tutorial for making Mason jar candles.

A sweet wedding favor: Mason jar candle made with soy

Take, for example, these jar candles from West elm Market. Beautiful. Vintage. Rustic. I really do love them, but the price? $26 each! Yowza. That I don’t love.

West Elm Market Candles

For under $5 you can make ones shown in this post using wax, wicks, scent and some Mason jars,. The labels are from Evermine. If you can get your hands on some vintage jars, then you are in even better shape for a stylish and smart wedding favor.

A sweet Mason jar candle would make a wonderful favor at a bridal or baby shower as well, or any other event. Your guests will feel more appreciated if you give them something handmade with love and care, and your wallet will thank you.



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  1. Sheila @sZinteriors
    Sheila @sZinteriorsJanuary 28,13

    I love this idea, and to DIY them would definitely be a great cost savings, not to mention, that added personal touch! Gorgeous :-)

  2. Nadia@Loveliveandgarden
    [email protected]January 28,13

    I love the idea of giving handmade things on special occasions. Its so sweet and caring. Its a gift made with love. You just can’t go wrong. Congratulations! I hope my sister gets married soon too lol!!!

  3. Staci (Crafty Staci)
    Staci (Crafty Staci)January 27,14

    My daughter is getting married in July, and we have a long list of DIY projects too. I love this idea for favors!

  4. Matt
    MattJune 22,15

    I’m getting married in Aug, small ceremony on the beach. This might be the perfect gift as we would only have to make 8-10. Thanks so much for the idea and recipe, perfect timing!

  5. Micheal
    MichealFebruary 22,16

    Awesome post!!! Such a beautiful round up of fabulous ideas!!!!

  6. adonomist
    adonomistApril 8,16

    garden therapy idea is very mom’s birthday in next month and after read this blog we planed this idea…wedding candles

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