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Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at the NYBG Children’s Adventure Garden

If you have never seen pumpkinhead scarecrows before, then you are in for a treat! I fell in love with these charming fellas at the New York Botanical Garden and I can’t wait to introduce you to them. I hope they bring you some joy as they did for me. These guys look fun and modern, but scarecrows are nothing new; they have been used in agriculture dating back thousands of years to spook animals from farmer’s fields. Some records date them back to ancient Egypt!

Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG

The scarecrows at the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden at the New York Botanical Garden are much less spooky. When you arrive, the pumpkinhead scarecrows welcome you through an archway of decorative pumpkins and colorful ribbons.

Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG

A fitting entrance to a wild and whimsical place for kids to explore the garden and learn about nature.Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG
There were many faces to see as you walked along the path.Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBGPumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBGPumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG

All of the scarecrows are made from fallen branches from around the garden. Last year there were 50 pumpkinhead scarecrows but this year they have a whopping 100! I’m not sure how many I even saw because they seemed to be hidden everywhere.Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG

Here is a cute video showing the arborists getting the garden ready for the season.

YouTube video

Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBGThe pumpkinheads cheered you on as you toured the grounds.Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG

And there were even a few four-legged creatures too.Pumpkinhead Scarecrows at NYBG

Alongside the scarecrows there were pumpkins, great and warty, displayed in full glory among the hay bales.Pumpkins Great And Small

Not to be outdone by the scarecrows, there were pumpkins in every color you can imagine.Pumpkins Great And Small

Pumpkins Great And Small

Some that were giants,

Pumpkins Great And SmallPumpkins Great And Small

and some that were just plain pretty.

Pumpkins Great And Small

Asters and goldenrod were feverishly blooming and filled with bees, while seed heads fed resident birds. The wildness of the blooms and active wildlife made this garden even more special. Aster and Goldenrod

I would love to have toured this garden with my son, as he would have taken so much delight in the details: the enormous flipper-wearing fish and caterpiller topiaries, colorful playhouses, and learning spaces made just for little botanists.Everett Children's Adventure Garden

But, most of all, he would have delighted in the pumpkinhead scarecrows as much as I did.

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