DIY Cactus From Felt

These Soft and Cuddly Felt Cacti Will Make You Smile

Looking for your next afternoon craft project? These felt cacti are not only ADORABLE but easy to make too. Use them to decorate your home or gift them to friends who insist they have “brown thumbs” when it comes to keeping plants alive. They’ll appreciate a cute ‘plant’ that can’t be killed.DIY Felt Cacti: How Adorable!

I love having indoor plants in my home. Unfortunately none of my windows receive any direct sunlight, which means that, come winter, I’m struggling to keep my little plants alive. In an effort to resist my “it’s a new year, get a new plant” urges, I decided to make up some adorable felt cacti instead. They look so cute sitting in my windowsill and come with the a few bonuses: 1) My cats don’t try to eat them and 2) They can never die!

DIY Cactus from Felt

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Or get all the supplies in one place with this DIY cactus kit from Etsy.

Additional Tools:

Felt cactus supplies

Make It!

This project is great for beginners. I used a sewing machine simply for efficiency, but you could easily stitch everything by hand.

Choose a green colored sheet of felt and cut out 6 rounded dome shapes as shown below. You can make your own paper template first or cut out one shape, and use that as a template for cutting the other 5. Keep in mind the width should be about the same as the diameter of your terracotta pot. The length can be as long or as short as you like (depending on what type of cactus you like best).

DIY Felt Cactus Step (1)

Pair up your cut pieces and sew along the edge, leaving the bottom open as shown in the photo below.

DIY Felt Cactus Step (2)

Next, stack the three sewn pieces on top of one another and sew a line down the center, through all 6 layers of felt.

DIY Felt Cactus Step (3)

Stuff each section with fiberfill. I used a pencil to help stuff each section nice and full.

DIY Felt Cactus Step (4)

Now your cactus is starting to take shape! Next, choose some bright colored felt and cut out two little flowers (to be layered on top of each other).

DIY Felt Cactus Step (5)

Use three pins to secure the flowers to the top of your cactus (the pins creating the center of the flower). You can also use embroidery floss to add more detail. I tied tiny knots down the edges to resemble pokey spikes. Once you’re finished, insert your cactus into a terracotta pot and you’re done!

DIY Felt Cactus Step (6)

DIY Felt Cactus Step (7)

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How to Make a DIY felt cactus as a pincushion or a cute plant you can't kill

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