One Of A Kind Wood Veneer Wall Planter From ByNature Studio Tour

Liven Up Your Home with Indoor Vertical Wall Planters

Small-space dwellers take note: there are plenty of new and unique ways to bring plants into your home! From wall frames to upside-down pots to magnetic containers for your fridge, indoor gardening has turned over a whole new leaf. Have a look at these gorgeous examples of indoor vertical wall planters!Custom artist-designed vertical planters from ByNature Studio Tour

Remember Part 1 of the ByNature studio tour where I shared my photos of the coolest moss art creations?

This gorgeous moss art doesn't need a drop or water or maintenace - and it's real! from the ByNature Studio Tour

This is Part 2 of the tour, where we will look at all of the gorgeous living planters that decorate the walls at ByNature.magnetic plant pots

Inspired by the belief that any space can be transformed into a healthy living environment, ByNature brings interiors to life with living art.A thriving living wall planter from ByNature Studio Tour

These Wallflower frames are built like a shadow-box, but inside is a bag of specially-formulated soil that is wrapped in a thick landscape-fabric-type cloth. To plant the frame, you cut into the bag to make a hole and dig the plant root ball into the soil. Plant a number of tropical plants, then cover any remaining fabric with moss to hide it as the plants grow in. Decorate with natural items like pinecones, bracket mushrooms and bark. Then you are ready to hang!WallFlower planter from ByNature Studio Tour

The standard wallflower frames can be seen here with plants that have grown like crazy! Clearly this is a system that works very well. These plants are happy campers.A living wall planter after growing for a year

I fell in love with the one-of-a-kind frames hanging in the studio. Each frame was designed by a different artist in the building that houses ByNature and the hundreds of other artists in the industrial studios contained in 1000 Parker Street. It is hard to see all of the details in the photos as they are hidden behind huge plants, but in person the overall effect is truly impressive.Artist-designed vertical planter

This one with the wood veneer was impressive and a perfect match for the art contained within.

One-of-a-kind wood veneer wall planter from ByNature Studio Tour

I also love the idea of using a WallFlower frame as an indoor herb garden like this one.  You can buy, or this one you can DIY.Indoor Herb Garden with Chalkboard Frame

Wallflower frames were also in various locations around the BC Home + Garden show, like this set of 4 that was behind the bar.Living Wall Art

For those of you who want to grow plants indoors but can’t even spare the wall space, there were even these adorable magnetic pots for your fridge!Magnetic Plant Pots from ByNature Studio Tour

Growing plants indoors is not only garden therapy, but they also remove harmful toxins, dust, mold, and bacteria from the air. I have a list of the best indoor plants for cleaning the air over on my eBay blog:The 9 Houseplants you should grow to purify the air indoors

Now there is really no excuse not to start an indoor garden!

Once you get one growing, take a look at my Essential Guide to Growing Beautiful Indoor Plants, which is also on my eBay blog. What is the number one killer of houseplants? It’s not what you think!Essential guide for houseplants


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  1. Matt
    MattMarch 26,15

    Great ideas, Love the magnets. The picture of the one with all the moss, is that still living, and is that something for outside, I would imagine? If so it must be hard to keep it going if you don’t have the right conditions? Great Pictures

  2. Stephanie
    StephanieMarch 26,15

    Matt, click over to the full post on the Moss Art – How it’s made and how to care for it is all listed there. Spoiler Alert: it takes no maintenance AT ALL!

  3. fred
    fredMarch 27,15

    I can only agree with you Matt – very beautiful shots, Stephanie! (but I’ m biased :-)
    Every question you may have about the moss : why it is zero maintenance, what you can do with it etc. check out this website

  4. Shirley/Housepitality
    Shirley/HousepitalityMarch 29,15

    Beautiful….I need to look into those magnetic pots…what a great idea…and thanks for all of the wonderful tips and information.

  5. Stephanie Rose
    Stephanie RoseMarch 29,15

    My pleasure, Shirley!

  6. victoria ingham
    victoria inghamMarch 29,15

    great ideas i definately will be trying they look fabulous you have a great website and im glad I follow you as you have good advice and explain detail really well well done for having and keeping a great website running kind regards from UK

  7. Nash Rich
    Nash RichMay 2,16

    Growing up in a desert climate, I really like to see greenery! I really liked the wall of moss. Not only is it a good cover for a boring wall, it can serve as some sound proofing!

  8. Wall planter
    Wall planterFebruary 21,17

    Nice sharing ,i like it .thanks .

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