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This Vertical Herb Planter Will Spice Up Your Kitchen

I love fresh herbs in my kitchen. I also love vertical gardens hanging on the wall as art, as you can see from when I made this gorgeous Wallflower Living Frame. So it dawned on me that converting a living frame to a vertical herb planter could be the perfect ingredient to add to my kitchen. This version is coated with chalkboard paint, which gives it some extra charm and a bistro feel.

Grow a Vertical Indoor Herb Garden

I love being able to easily label and decorate the frame with chalk as I please, or leave it blank sometimes when I want the dramatic black of the frame to stand out.

Indoor Herb Garden with Chalkboard Frame

I was inspired to create this planter from one that I blogged about in my post on vertical gardens.

Indoor Herb Garden with Chalkboard Frame

By Nature Designs was kind enough to provide me with a Wallflower Living Frame that I could DIY into its doppelganger.

See the instructions on how to plant a living frame here.

Now, on to how to make this one!

Indoor Herb Garden with chalk labels


Make it!
Wallflower frame front and back

Paint the frame with chalkboard paint. My Wallflower frame was gray (as you can see in the photos). I used three thin coats to get solid coverage. Allow the paint to dry and cure for 24 hours before planting or writing on it.

Chalkboard Vertical Planter

Choose the right herbs for your planter by reading this post on Which Herbs to Grow Indoors (and Which Herbs NOT to Grow Indoors).

Soaking the soil on the WallFlower Living Frame

Soak the soil pouch in water, then assemble it inside the frame as outlined in the instructions (it hooks onto the back with wicks hanging into the water trough).Planting WallFlower Living Frame

Lay the planter flat on its back and cut an “X” in the fabric where you want to add the plants. Remove the plants from their pots and shake off some of the soil. Dig a little hole in the pouch where the “X” was cut and gently add the roots to the hole. Push the soil around the roots to hold in the plant and pull the fabric points of the “X” over the soil.

Dividing Herbs

After all the plants have been added, add some green reindeer moss to cover up any of the fabric pouch that is visible.

Planting herbs in a vertical garden

Use a soft paintbrush to dust off any soil.

Brush off the herbs

And trim the plants.

Trim the herbs

Now it’s ready to move indoors!

Finished Indoor Herb Garden

Use chalk or a chalk pen to write the names of the herbs on the frame and hang on the wall or set on the counter in the kitchen.Chalkboard Frame Indoor Herb Garden

Look for a bright location that will allow you easy access to the plants and the water reservoir. Read more about how to be successful with indoor herb gardens in this post.


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  1. I love how convenient this is! Keep it on th kitchen counter and you have fresh herbs while cooking all the time! I’m definitely trying this!


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