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Soaps Lotions Potions Recipes From The Garden

Soaps, Lotions, and Potions from the Garden

I grow herbs in my garden for cooking and for their beauty, but also so I can bring the garden inside and wear it on the outside (on my skin, I mean). Years ago in my efforts to detoxify and live healthier I started making my own skin care products and many of the recipes are here in the Natural …

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How To Make Floral Fruit And Herb Ice Cubes

How to Make Floral, Fruit, and Herb Ice Cubes

It’s always wonderful when we can share diverse perspectives on garden projects and crafts beyond what can be found in my home garden. Different climates bring on new ideas and today I’m just so pleased to have a guest post from Southern California gardener, crafter, cook, and mamma, Nadia Ameri from Love, Live and Garden. At my house, the beverage …

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Stocking Flowerpot

Decor in Seconds: Absolutely the Fastest Flower Pot Transformation

Craft projects don’t always have to take blood, sweat, and tears. I mean, do we really need to work so hard for style? Or pay a fortune for it? Not in my books, or I should say Alison Caporimo’s new book. In InstaCraft: Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor, and More, Alison shows us 50 fun and simple …

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20 Fabulous Fall Decor And Craft Projects From The Garden

20 Fabulous Fall Decor Projects from the Garden

As soon as the kids go back to school and leaves begin to turn, we can’t help but feel like it is fall. Even if the temperatures are warm, the pumpkins’ brilliant orange colour, abundance of corn, and dahlias blooming en masse, signal that it’s without a doubt time for the season to change. Put off trading flip flops for …

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DIY Chalkboard Plant Labels

Chalkboard Paint Plant Markers

Chalkboard paint doesn’t have to stay indoors. These plant markers made from wooden paint stir sticks and chalkboard paint make for simple but functional plant markers. The label won’t wash away after a rain shower, although it’s best to keep a bit of chalk handy to do a few touch ups throughout the season. Materials Chalkboard paint Wooden paint stir …

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How To Make Painted Vegetable Plant Markers Out Of Stones

Painted Stone Vegetable Garden Markers

These adorable vegetable garden markers were made by my friend, Kristin aka Delta Gardener. Kristin is a volunteer Master Gardener and works tirelessly with the Ladner Community Garden to coordinate the children’s garden. That plus maintaining her large home garden and writing about it all on her blog, That Bloomin’ Garden, I do not know where she finds the time. Thankfully …

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