DIY Wasp Trap From A Recycled Bottle

Super Simple DIY Wasp Trap

Ah, summer! The perfect time of year to relax outside with friends and family by packing a picnic, but what’s that buzzing around the food? Hey, these guys weren’t invited! If wasps and yellow jackets are driving you bananas while trying to enjoy a meal outdoors then you will love this 15-minute DIY project using a recycled bottle. That wasp won’t know what hit it.

DIY Wasp Trap from a Recycled Bottle


  • Plastic bottle with raised dimple in bottom
  • Box cutter, or drill
  • Twine or wire
  • Beads or yard to decorate
Make it!

1. Choose a bottle for this project that has a bottom with a raised center. The goal is to create a trough in the bottle around the hole to hold the liquid. The center must be raised enough to allow the wasp to fly in, then get trapped and drown in the liquid.

DIY Wasp Trap from recycled materials

2. Using the box cutter or drill, make a hole about 3/4″ in diameter in the bottom of the bottle, where it is raised up.

3. Decorate the bottle with twine, yarn, beads, and whatever else you have lying around. Wind twine or wire around the neck of the bottle and tie in a knot above to hang the bottle from a tree.

Recycled Bottle Wasp Trap

4. Fill the trough inside the bottle with a bit of jam dissolved in water. Late in the season wasps are looking for a sweet treat (earlier in the season they want proteins).

How to make a recycled bottle wasp or yellow jacket trap

You’re done! Bye bye wasps.

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  1. Lindsay Storm
    Lindsay StormAugust 7,12

    This is a great idea! We are in the middle of a huge draught, but for some reason the wasps around our house and garden are terrible. I love that this looks really pretty, but is functional at the same time. Hopefully this will keep me from getting dive-bombed every time I walk in the house!! Thanks!!

    • Stevie
      StevieAugust 9,12

      I know, they are such a pain! They have probably nested nearby as I don’t think they travel too far. heck for the nest and remove it if they are really bad. And have fun with the trap! I’d love to see photos if you do make some.

  2. Paula
    PaulaAugust 9,12

    This is a wonderful idea. Your post is so awesome. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


  3. James
    JamesAugust 14,12

    What a great idea, it makes you wander how no one has thought of it before. After my last BBQ experience I’m definitely going to make some of these later on, wasps are an absolute nightmare around our garden.

  4. Carol
    CarolJune 25,14

    You mentioned the flying pests are looking for protein early in the season, sweets later. What do you use for the protein attractant?

  5. Stephanie
    StephanieJune 25,14

    Hi Carol,

    Fish or meat. We usually just put a little of what we are BBQing out somewhere away from the dinner table and they leave us alone. It doesn’t trap them though. You would need to do that when they are out looking for sweets.

  6. Carol
    CarolJune 26,14

    Thanks! Am making a “sweet” trap today!

  7. Gail
    GailAugust 7,16

    Can’t wait to try at our new home as I notice it had lots of these danger -danger to me .I am out of my Epi pens and have been stung 3 times this year . This is easier than the last bottle thing I did and makes more sense … Thanks for someone who highly allergic

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