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How to Create a Beach-Themed Garden Design

I live near the ocean but also in the city. It’s amazing how quickly the beach whisks me away to a far away place when I live only a 10 minute drive from the shore. Yet, busy days, bills, and schedules become a distant memory when I’m walking on the sand collecting shells.

My garden has no sand however, well, at least not any more than it naturally has in the soil composition. I mean that it doesn’t look like a coastal garden. You would never even guess that the beach is so close, except for little clues. Like stacked pebbles, bright colours, and beach lounge chairs. Grasses that blow in the wind and are drought tolerant.Creating a beach themed garden design

And seashells. If, like me, you can’t pass up a pretty seashell and add it to your ever-growing collection, then you very well may have to plant them!

If you would like to add a little seaside design into your garden, check out my latest eBay blog here:The elements you need to create a beachy seaside themed garden design

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