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Better Gnomes and Gardens

Gnomes have been ostracized for years from garden shows and home gardens. That is until 2013 when the garden-style makers at the Chelsea Flower Show lifted a 100 year-old ban on gnomes, in response to public pressure.

Gnome Eyes

We can put a new face on the humble gnome can we not? He can have a sense of style / a purpose / a cause, can’t he (or she)?

Enter the BC Home and Garden Show and the Better Gnomes and Gardens feature where 16 gnomes will be all dressed up for auction, benefiting Sole Food Street Farms.

Sole Food is an urban agricultural community dedicated to transforming empty lots into fruitful farming plots, empowering and employing the underprivileged along the way. Now that’s a gnome I can get behind.

Leather Gnome Belt and Moss Coat Back

So who will be showing off their creative flair by turning a plain garden gnome into a whimsical treasure?

  • Andrea Bellamy,
  • Barbara Matson, Hodge:Podge by Markova Design
  • Christine Friend, Friendly Decorator
  • Coleen Christie, CTV
  • Cory Ashworth, 102.7 The Peak
  • Dawn Chubai, Citytv
  • Jody Vance, Citytv
  • Johanna Ward, SHAW TV
  • Kaitlyn Herbst, Global BC
  • Laurie Logan, 102.7 The Peak
  • Monika Hibbs, The Doctor’s Closet
  • Stephanie Rose, (Hey, that’s me!)
  • Steve Darling, Global BC
  • Todd Talbot, Love It or List It Vancouver
  • Mary Zilba, Real Housewives of Vancouver
  • 4Cats Art Studio

I’m flattered that they asked me to create a gnome for auction. In true Garden Therapy style, I took inspiration from the garden and a bit of craftiness to create his look.

Woody the Woodland Gnome with Moss Coat and Lichen Hat

Check out him out at the BC Home and Garden Show at BC Place Stadium, February 19-23, 2014.

I can’t wait to see what his friends all look like when the show opens today!



  1. Your gnome is SO cute, Stephanie! I love him! I will admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for gnomes, despite their bad rap (and that Travelocity guy). They’re always welcome in my garden!

  2. I dont understand the bad rap of gnomes? They were really barred from the garden show for so long? Or was that a joke?


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