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Tomato Blight

Late Blight vs.Tomatoes

The race is on.  It’s the time of year when you encourage (plead) with tomatoes to ripen before they succumb to the horrors of Late Blight.     It first starts with a few yellowing leaves. Yikes.  Remove these right away! Then a few brown leaves and whitish-grey powder (spores) can be seen.  Ack! Remove these immediately!  At this point …

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Harvest Monday September 2011

A Smaller Harvest, But Just Enough

Since I gave up the community garden plot this year, I actually have a larger harvest than last year at this time.  A little care and attention to the home gardens is certainly paying off.  I’ve been enjoying the home gardens so much more, they are less neglected and full of beautiful flowers that I enjoy everyday.   I have …

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Dill Pickles Small

It’s Canning Season

It’s that time of year again that keeps my hands and my senses overloaded.  I hoard fresh produce when I see it at a market or farm, or by climbing my neighbour’s trees like a squirrel and collecting way to0 many figs, or by diving deep into the wild blackberry brambles for fresh blackberries.  I can’t help it.  It’s a compulsion. …

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20110815 025137

The First Tomatoes

It’s not much of a harvest but with our cold rainy summer at least it’s something: our first bowl of mixed heirloom tomatoes. They are mainly Tumbler, but there are a few Orange Cherry and Golden Rave (a 2-bite yellow Roma). Hoping for more next week!

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IMG 7994 Small

Wireworms: How to Make a Trap to Stop These Annoying Pests

Update: This post is from May when I found wireworms eating my tomato plants. If I had prepared some traps in March these could have been saved. Plan now, save your plants too. Don’t let the wireworms win. Finally some nice weather has me outside to check on my newly transplanted early tomatoes and…WHAT THE?! The wilty and pale sad …

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Radish Seedlings On Toast And Egg

Comfort Food

In spring its asparagus, baby greens, and spring onions.  In summer and fall there is a cornucopia of colourful, fresh produce available to feed my nutritional desires.  Early winter its soups and roasted root vegetables that bring me comfort.  But in the New Year, when I’m depleted from the holidays and tired of excess, what brings me comfort is foods …

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