Easy DIY Citronella Candles In Cans

How to Make Citronella Candles

If your favorite thing in the summer is warm nights outside, then likely one of your least favorite things is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Making citronella candles in cans is a great recycling project that is inexpensive and effective, much like the Soy Beeswax Jar Candles I made a few months back.DIY Citronella Candles in antique milk crate


I make plenty of candles to create a bug-free barrier around the patio so I can enjoy my warm breezes and summer cocktails in peace. They aren’t bad for adding atmosphere either!

Citronella Candles to keep bugs away from the party

I’m not overly crazy for the smell of citronella, so I added a few additional scents to the latest batch: pine and mandarin orange. While the most effective candles will still be primarily citronella, feel free to add a few other fragrances the bugs won’t like such as eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and oregano. I have an all-natural bug spray recipe with these scents too – they work really well.

How to make citronella candles from cans and recyled wax


Make it!

1. Using the hot glue gun, affix the wicks to the bottom of the cans and press it firmly into the center. If you are using a larger can, add two or three wicks spaced apart around the center.DIY Candles in Cans Turorial Step 2 via Garden Therapy

2. Assemble your double boiler and add wax or old candles in small pieces. Don’t worry so much about bits of wick or other specks in the wax as you won’t see them in the candles when they are done. Heat over medium heat until the wax is completely melted.

3. When the wax is melted it’s time to add the fragrance. Add 1 oz of citronella oil per pound of wax and augment the scent with 0.5 oz of other scents per pound.

DIY Candles in Cans Step 3 via Garden Therapy

4. Let the wax cool slightly and carefully pour into containers.  I can usually gently maneuver my wicks to stay in the center as the wax cools, but if you are having trouble, secure the wicks with a chopstick or clothespin to keep them in line. Be careful not to disturb them too much and set them in a warm place to cool.  Cooling slowly and completely will create the best looking candles.easy DIY citronella candles in cans

5. If you get a depressed area around the wick when cooled, warm up some more wax and pour it into the void.

6. Allow your candle to cure for 48 hours undisturbed before burning. Then, when you fire it up, let the candle burn so that there is a full, wide pool of wax before you blow it out. It is said that candles have a memory, so it’s best to let the first burn set the tone for all the rest.DIY citronella candles in upcycled soup cans


7. Decorate your candles by wrapping them in burlap, twine and/or yarn. Store them near the garden, deck, or patio so you can quickly light up when the pests start buzzing around.DIY Tutorial on How to Make Citronella Candles for the garden

DIY upcycled citronella candles in recycled soup cans

 Keep mosquitoes from spoiling the party with upcycled citronella candles

Need relief from annoying bugs on the go? Try this all-natural insect bite roll-on remedy.

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How to Make Citronella Candles


About the Author : Stephanie RoseAn artistic gardener aiming to feed the body & soul through an urban potager garden & a community veggie plot in Vancouver.View all posts by Stephanie Rose

  1. Stephanie @ The Cozy Old Farmhouse
    Stephanie @ The Cozy Old FarmhouseJune 30,12

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like an inexpensive way to be bug free, especially using the leftover tin cans and candles. I’m pinning this for future use!

  2. Maks
    MaksJuly 2,12

    Thanks for sharing. Will definitey try those cause I really hate the toxic ones you can buy at stores. Have a great week – maks :-)

  3. Karen
    KarenJuly 3,12

    What a great idea, and just in time for our summer wedding! Visiting from the Tip Junkie Party

  4. Carmen B
    Carmen BJuly 5,12

    I found you on Delightful Order’s link up party, I love this idea! I have so many mosquitos where I live and we are always eaten alive! I will have to try making these!

  5. Dee
    DeeJuly 5,12

    I love this idea! I hope you will link this up to the CSI Project. The challenge is Summer outdoor decorating and parties. These would be perfect. You just might win or be featured!
    Come on over! http://www.thecsiproject.com
    The challenge ends Friday at noon.

  6. Amber @ recipes we love
    Amber @ recipes we loveJuly 5,12

    great idea! I love how you put them in the carrier too! they looked cute and organized.

    • Stevie
      StevieJuly 5,12

      Thanks, Amber! It’s out of convenience so I can pull them all out at the same time when I quickly want to battle the bugs.

  7. Jane F
    Jane FJuly 6,12

    That’s a fabulous tutorial. Citronella candles are an absolute must where I live as we’re surrounded by wetlands. I always buy those green buckets. Had no idea they could be made so easily at home. At worst, I could have them going when I bbq! Thanks for stopping by. Jane

  8. Charles Tilton
    Charles TiltonJuly 7,12

    Thank you for the idea.

    • Nancy
      NancyJune 4,16

      Is there any reason not to melt the wax in the microwave? Want to make some candles with my granddaughter, but am fearful of using a double boiler… which I don’t have, anyway. Nor would I want to put it directly on the stove top. Too much chance for a spill and burning.

  9. Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}July 7,12

    What a great idea! I love the smell of citronella candles!
    Thank you so much for sharing @ {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    You will be featured in about 30 minutes! ;)
    xo! Vanessa

    • Stevie
      StevieJuly 7,12

      Thanks for the feature, Vanessa!

  10. Carolyn
    CarolynJuly 7,12

    I love this! I’m thinking about gift ideas. Where did you find the carrier?

  11. Crystal
    CrystalJuly 8,12

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to make these this weekend with my old candles. No more buying these anymore! :)

  12. Ally
    AllyJuly 9,12

    Hi! Found your site through oneprettything. This is an excellent idea, and i think I will definitely make this a summer project. I read, in Mother Earth News magazine, there are quite a few natural mosquito repellants I’ve never really known about like rose scented monarda, lime basil, thyme, and catnip! Thanks for the great idea.

  13. gina@cateror.com
    [email protected]July 9,12

    Found you on Tipjunkie – these are *wonderful*! What a great idea, thank you for sharing it!

  14. Ibukun
    IbukunJuly 10,12

    Thanks for an interesting blog post. Sounds like this technique has been useful in the past! keep the great posts coming!!

  15. Tessye Santiago
    Tessye SantiagoSeptember 30,12

    Thanks for sharing! You can also use melted candle wax to affix the wicks to the bottom of the cans instead of the glue gun.

    • Stevie
      StevieSeptember 30,12

      Thanks Tessye for the suggestion! Would the wax not melt when you pour the hot wax into the can and dislodge the wick though?

  16. Martine
    MartineOctober 3,12

    Is it easy to find citronella oil?

  17. Stevie
    StevieOctober 3,12

    Martine, yes it is. I have included links in the post to buy it on Amazon.

  18. doret botha
    doret bothaOctober 18,12

    please help ?? my husband kicked over the container with melted hot wax from a citronella candle on my carpet. we are struggling to get it out! whatcan i do??

    • Jody
      JodyJune 8,16

      You can try using a cotton cloth tiny over the so lulled wax. Then run a warm iron over it. The wax will melt into the cotton cloth. It may not be perfect but if should help. Also if it was paraffin wax please be extra carful. Because paraffin is an oil/ petroleum byproduct, it is more flammable at high heat.

  19. Crissy
    CrissyJanuary 15,13

    How long will each candle burn for?

  20. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 15,13

    Crissy, I can’t say for sure but I would guess 8-12 hours.

  21. Sharlyn
    SharlynJanuary 26,13

    Would tea tree oil work? Great post and idea, thank you!

  22. Stevie
    StevieJanuary 26,13

    Hi Sharlyn, I’m not sure. Citronella is known for it’s mosquito repelling properties. I haven’t heard the same about tea tree.

  23. mark
    markJanuary 30,13

    These are great! Where can you get those square tin planters? Great idea!

  24. Crystal
    CrystalFebruary 3,13

    Is it possible to use Mason Jars as the containers? Or old candle jars made of glass? Thx! Luv the info!

  25. Stevie
    StevieFebruary 3,13

    Hi Crystal, yes, mason jars are heat safe and they work perfectly! I have written lots of posts for making candles in jars. Here is a good one that had links to some of the other projects and a cute crafty project to decorate them for the holidays: http://gardentherapy.ca/cute-for-christmas-beeswax-poinsettia-candles

  26. Jennie
    JennieFebruary 10,13

    If you spill wax on a carpet, use a brown paper bag and a warm iron. Cover the wax with the bag and iron changing bags until wax is absorb. I did it and it works!

  27. Sandy
    SandyApril 6,13

    Wondering if I could use beeswax for the base of the candle?????

  28. Stevie
    StevieApril 6,13

    Sandy, absolutely! There are 2 reasons why I don’t though. 1. I don’t have access to inexpensive beeswax and it is very pricey to buy the amount you need to fill the cans, and 2. beeswax has such a beautiful honey smell that it is a shame to add all that citronella to it! I would save the beeswax for unscented candle that you use indoors…it will make the whole house smell like warm honey! More on how to make beeswax candles here: http://gardentherapy.ca/seashell-beeswax-tealights/

  29. Helene Malmsio
    Helene MalmsioApril 20,13

    I love making my own soy wax candles, and I pile them outside in summer to get rid of bugs
    LOVE your site, bookmarking pages to return to like crazy.

  30. Aimee
    AimeeMay 24,13

    Does it matter if the used candles are scented?

  31. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 24,13

    Hi Aimee, I’m not sure that it matters, unless the scent is so strong that it would either overpower the citronella or be something that actually attracts mosquitoes.

  32. ann brown
    ann brownJune 28,13

    I will most certainly use this recipe with my family gardening group . winter here now – but summer’s really only a few months away

  33. Piki Te Ora
    Piki Te OraJuly 2,13

    thank you for such wonderful ideas….i absolutely love your page….thank you

  34. Chrysti_B
    Chrysti_BJuly 10,13

    Love this idea! Where did you find the carrier???

  35. Sheryl
    SherylJuly 15,13

    I just love this idea. I’m glad I happened upon it now…gives me tons of time to save my cans for next summer when we get married. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  36. Angela Stewart
    Angela StewartJanuary 29,14

    Great idea! THanks….sharing

  37. Amy
    AmyMarch 7,14

    I discovered that melting wax in a crockpot which you have fitted with one of the disposable liners works very well! To clean, just let pot cool, wax will harden, and you can lift out the liner and throw it away!

  38. Jennifer Stewart
    Jennifer StewartMay 26,14

    Can you send this whole page to my email address? It would be great to send to other people.

  39. kelly
    kellyMay 26,14

    Ive heard you can stick a wick in a can of crisco and it will burn for hours. Would adding citronella oil to that work???

  40. Amy Long
    Amy LongMay 27,14

    Do you think adding tiki torch citronella to the wax would work?

  41. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 30,14

    Kelly & Amy, I’m sorry but I haven’t tried either of those things. If you try them, please come back and let us know!!

  42. Stephanie
    StephanieMay 30,14

    Jennifer, I emailed you the page link you can share: http://gardentherapy.ca/diy-citronella-candles/

  43. Michelle
    MichelleJune 15,14

    Hi, I wondering how many regular tin cans one pound of wax will fill? Thank you for posting this!

  44. Stephanie
    StephanieJune 15,14

    Hi Michelle, my guess would be 1 lb of wax would fill 1.5 cans.

  45. Cassandra
    CassandraJune 16,14

    I have a question. The citronella oil you use, is it the same as the stuff that goes in tiki tourches or is it with fragrances?

  46. Stephanie
    StephanieJune 16,14

    Hi Cassandra, I really can’t say what’s in those. I use 100% pure citronella oil.

  47. dakshinamurty ramasamy
    dakshinamurty ramasamyJune 27,14

    hi stephanie
    thank you for the use of citronella oil.
    which metals we can use for filling wax withcitronella oil

  48. BrunetteBunny
    BrunetteBunnyJune 29,14

    I used 1/2 oz citronella in 2 lbs of wax, because that’s what I had on hand. I the scent is overpowering the whole house and headache-inducingly strong. This is only 25% as strong as you recommend. Do you think it’ll work, because I don’t think I can bear to make it stronger?

  49. Stephanie
    StephanieJune 29,14

    Hi BrunetteBunny, I do think it will work. I’m not sure why it was so strong though, perhaps the type of wax or citronella oil you used is different than what I get. I will say that I add other essential oils (as noted in the recipe) to cut the citronella a bit because it can be unpleasant to some, but also that I don’t burn the candles indoors. I put a bunch of them around the garden area that I’m entertaining in and unless I’m directly in the candle’s smoke, I’m not overly bothered by it (and I’m quite sensitive to scents as well).

  50. katie
    katieJuly 18,14

    Hello! Love love love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Only question is, when I open a tin it’s really sharp at the top and it might be a hazard. Has anyone cut hands yet? Or am I using a terrible out of date tin opener?

  51. Stephanie
    StephanieJuly 18,14

    Hi Katie, I have not had the issue. I have a pretty old handheld opener, but the can isn’t sharp. The lid edges can be sharp, but not the can. Anyhow, If you do make candles, then they will also be hot when they are lit, so you won’t want to touch them regardless!

  52. velma
    velmaJuly 22,14

    I would like a copy of how to make the candles but when I tried it would take 26 pages. is their a shorter version I can copy

  53. tio
    tioAugust 10,14

    this way I can create romance without much cost, thanks for sharing

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    learn to sewJanuary 14,15

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  55. Helen
    HelenApril 4,15

    Made these today…the whole house smells like citronella!! Yuck!! No bugs around though :) I used the clippy bit on a ballpoint pen to keep my wicks in place, worked really well!

  56. Norma
    NormaMay 4,15

    Give me a break—all that paper to print ! Not to mention my ink. I’ll find it elsewhere !

  57. ronnel
    ronnelMay 18,15

    Hello Garden Therapy!

    Thanks for sharing this. We have two Citronella Farming Communities here in the Southern part of the Philippines. A Social Enterprise is helping our farmers how to produce and market high quality Citronella Oil.

    We’ve been planning to do this, and this share could really help us train the farmers a new product that will give more value to their citronella oil.

    Hope you can visit us sometime.

    Big thanks and God bless!



  58. Sara
    SaraJune 13,15

    Thank you so much for sharing this good idea. I will make best scented candles this weekend with my old candles. No more buying these anymore!

  59. buyantiagingformula.Com
    buyantiagingformula.ComJuly 23,15

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    ReedAugust 2,15

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  61. Sherri
    SherriOctober 2,15

    Great idea for reusing cans and who wouldn’t love an inexpensive way to get rid of pesky mosquitoes?
    Thanks for sharing

  62. Devon
    DevonApril 14,16

    Does it matter what old candles I use? I’ve got a bunch of different scented ones.

  63. biballets.tumblr.com
    biballets.tumblr.comApril 28,16

    It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info.
    I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Matthew
    MatthewJune 12,16

    In a controlled area, with enough candles, citronella candles will keep mosquitoes and other bugs at bay. They do make a difference.

  65. Jamie
    JamieJune 13,16

    I love these!! Those little boogers will be here in the mountains soon, and now I can use these to get rid of them! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  66. Theresa @DearCreatives
    Theresa @DearCreativesJune 15,16

    I’d really like to try your DIY. There is nothing like a bunch of bugs in the backyard during summer. Thanks for the tutorial.

  67. Christine
    ChristineJune 16,16

    Finally, a DIY that I can actually do. Thanks for sharing!

  68. Emily
    EmilyJune 16,16

    I am a mosquito magnet; I definitely want to give these a try, and I like the suggestion of other types of essential oils that deter mosquitos; those scents sound a bit nicer than traditional citronella. Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJune 22,16

      Hi Emily, yes, there is a whole list of oils in this recipe you can try. Let me know if you find a combination you like!

  69. Rebekah@naturallyblessedmama
    [email protected]June 22,16

    This is exactly what I need for summer! I love the idea of making my own candles. I already have Citronella essential oil so this is perfect!! I pinned and shared this post.

  70. Sharon
    SharonNovember 15,16

    If you don’t have or want to use a hot glue gun, how else can you get the wicks to stick onto the bottom of the cans?

  71. Howard
    HowardJanuary 16,17

    Wow thanks for the great idea. I never thought about it but putting together an outdoor candle line for fundraising would be unique and might actually be something to consider.

  72. melissa
    melissaJune 20,17

    did you just reuse old tin cans or were you able to find unused ones somewhere? I love this idea!

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJune 20,17

      I just used cans from the recycling bin. No need for new ones for this project!

      • Joni
        JoniOctober 8,17

        Stephanie, I have lots of citronella and rosemary plants in the backyard. Do you think I can chop these up and add to the melted wax before pouring into container?

  73. Karl
    KarlAugust 29,17

    Just gave this a try and its a great solution to a ever present problem that props up every summer. Thanks for sharing this.

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