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Easy Ideas for Making Homemade Candles as Gifts

No matter what the season or the occasion, homemade candles make wonderful artisan-inspired gifts that are easier to make then you think! If you’ve seen homemade candles in tea cups, Mason jars, and terracotta pots and wondered if you could make them to, the answer is a resounding YES! With the right tools and a bit of background on selecting the right wax, wicks, containers, scent, and dyes, you’ll become a proficient candle maker in no time, and I have just the thing to get you started.

Easy Ideas for Making Homemade Candles as Gifts

12 Easy Ideas for Making and Gifting Artisan-Inspired Candles

I’ve shared a few homemade candle recipes in the past, and they do get a lot of questions. Over the years, I have made hundreds of candles and tried just as many different methods to make them. Through that process, I’ve had some turn our wonderfully, and some that were complete flops. Candle making is easy, but it can also go very wrong. It’s all about balancing the right mix of materials to make successful candles.

All that testing and research became much too long for a blog post, so I worked with my friends over at Leisure Arts to compile 12 techniques for making candles, plus the basics on the materials and supplies you’ll need to get started in my book Make & Give Home Candle Making. The book is filled with tips, tricks, and troubleshooting, as well as an overarching focus on safety, because playing with fire is no joke.

Make and Give Home Candle Making by Stephanie Rose

The techniques are laid out just as they are in my other Make & Give book, Home Apothecary. There are 12 projects with step-by-step photos and precise measurements for the recipes. The projects each teach a different technique to make candles at home. Follow the project once, and you’ll soon be able to customize it in so many more ways.Home Candle Making Projects

One of the best ways to customize handmade candles for gift giving is to wrap them up in creative ways. That’s part of what is unique about this book and my Home Apothecary book. They are both part of the Make & Give series, meaning once you make the projects, there are creative ways to wrap them up for gifts for each and every project.

Seashell Tea Lights Wrapped for Gifts

A Peek Inside

In Home Candle Making, you’ll learn how to make:

Cafe CandlesCappuccino Candle

Floating CandlesHome Candle Making Floating Candles

Ombre CandlesHome Candle Making Ombre Wood Wick Candle

Seashell Tea LightsSeashell Tea Light Candles

Flower Pot Citronella CandlesFlower Pot Citronella Candles

Herbal Wax MeltsHerbal Wax Melts

And so much more!

Where to Buy Home Candle Making

Make & Give Home Candle Making is now available for sale as a print book at craft stores and major book sellers.

Get a print or digital copy worldwide from Leisure Arts

Buy at,,,

Buy at Joann

It’s also available in digital format for Kindle, and Apple Books.

I have a limited number of signed copies available in my Etsy Shop as well.

Make and Give Home Candle Making by Stephanie Rose

Supporting Creatives and Authors

One last thing before I leave you to enjoy all the candle making fun. I’m grateful each and every day that I get to make my living as a writer, photographer, gardener, and artist, and your support would mean a whole lot to me. If you enjoy being creative, please show your support to a person making their living through art. Here are some ideas:

Buy books.

They say that print is dead, but I know I sure can’t live without the gorgeous books I proudly display on my shelves. They are a constant source of joy and inspiration.

Give Books as Gifts.

Looking for that perfect gift for someone special? How about a book? Books make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for any occasion.

Request Books at Your Local Library.

Love books but don’t want to commit, then ask your library to order the books you want to read and borrow them.

Suggest the Book to your Book Club.

What fun would it be to suggest a craft book at your next book club? Everyone could make a project at the book club, or make one at home and bring them together to show them off. This could be a refreshing way to do a Secret Santa swap or make shower gifts.

Leave Book Reviews.

There is no one thing that is more helpful to an author than rating books on GoodReads, Amazon, or wherever you purchased the book. It helps others know if the book is right for them and reviews help online stores know when to recommend the books to people browsing online.

If you have purchased and enjoyed one of my books, please consider leaving a review. It would mean so much to me! See all of my books here.




  1. Hi Stephanie
    What a wonderful post!
    I love these herb candle ideas, they are so beautiful and a fantastic present to everyone who appreciates the goodness coming from the garden.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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