DIY cinnamon and orange all purpose cleaner recipe

All Natural Orange Cinnamon All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

This citrus all-purpose cleaner recipe is simple and made with natural ingredients so fresh you could eat it! It may make an interesting salad dressing ingredient, but I’m more inclined to use it to clean the kitchen.

DIY cinnamon and orange all-purpose cleaner recipe

This recipe is part of Citrus Celebration month here on Garden Therapy and is in great company with:

DIY cinnamon and orange all-purpose cleaner recipe

Orange Cinnamon All-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

To make this recipe, add orange peels to a Mason jar and top up with distilled white vinegar. Add a few cinnamon sticks to spice it up. Let sit covered in a cool, dark place for two weeks and then strain into a spray bottle. If you would like a stronger spice smell when strained, add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil. It’s the perfect cleaning recipe for the winter months as it warms things up just a bit more.DIY cinnamon and orange all-purpose cleaner recipe

Your homemade cleaner is all-purpose and perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. The more citrus and spice you use the less vinegar-y it will smell. Use within about 6 weeks and make smaller batches so that you always have some fresh cleaner on hand.


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  1. Trina
    TrinaJanuary 23,14

    Love it. I really dislike the vinegary smell…so this will take care of that.

  2. Tara
    TaraJanuary 24,14

    Oh, this sounds lovely! I am always looking for good natural cleaners!

  3. Marion Taylor
    Marion TaylorJanuary 24,14

    Too funny!! This is one I truly was planning to do!! Your site is beautiful :)

  4. Velta
    VeltaMarch 21,14

    The only problem with this mixture is that if you don’t use it quickly, it will form a “mother” and clog the sprayer. I have making this for months and have to strain mine every week or so.

  5. Stephanie
    StephanieMarch 21,14

    Hi Velta, thanks for the feedback. Strangely I haven’t had this issue. I assumed that the citrus was not allowing the mother to grow. Or perhaps its because I’m using distilled white vinegar that is no longer alive? Mine has been going for months now and its still quite clear. I wonder if others have this happening? Well, straining is a great solution. Thanks!

  6. Rahul
    RahulMarch 22,14

    So you are saying even my bathroom tiles like things organic and natural? :)

  7. Jennifer Stewart
    Jennifer StewartApril 20,14

    I think that this is a great recipe and I will be trying it. Cleaners can cost way too much money even at times when you go to the Dollar Store. Hopefully my spray bottle won’t get clogged as one of you are saying. I will be using a new bottle anyway.

  8. Sue
    SueApril 20,14

    ok, I realize this recipe is not a technical, exact formula but vague directions and I just don’t get along, When you “add orange peels to a mason jar…..” Is the jar a pint or a quart? How much orange peel? One or two oranges worth? And what do you consider “a few” cinnamon sticks? I understand the more citrus and spice you use the less vinegar-y it will smell but a starting point would be appreciated, THEN I’ll go hog-wild!! :) Also, could I freeze orange peels so I’ll have them on hand when I make this?

    I love natural cleaning supplies, especially one that has the added benefit of freshening the air so this is going to be great.

  9. Stephanie
    StephanieApril 20,14

    Hi Sue, so in this photos I used a 1L jar (which is a quart) the peels of 2 navel oranges and 2 x 3″ cinnamon sticks. I threw all that in the jar and topped up with vinegar. Add more orange rinds if you can fit them, add more cinnamon if you want it stronger, and dilute the whole thing 1/2 and 1/2 with water if you don’t want it too vinegary. Hope that helps!

  10. Fran Molinengo
    Fran MolinengoFebruary 22,15

    I wonder if you kept it in the refrigerator would it keep better without getting the “mother” clogged in the sprayer?

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    loss permanentlyJune 16,15

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  12. chloe
    chloeDecember 31,15

    where did you purchase the clear spray bottle in the picture ?

    • Stephanie Rose
      Stephanie RoseJanuary 5,16

      Its a recycled bottle from another spray cleaner. I just removed the label and washed it out. I’ve been using the same bottle for years now.

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