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Celebrate Earth Day: Green Ideas from the Garden Charmers

It’s an Earth Day Party! The Garden Charmers are celebrating Earth Day with a series of posts with crafty projects, sage gardening advice, recycling, herbal remedies, gardening with kids and more!Celebrating Earth Day with the Garden Charmers

Check out my Earth Day post on Attracting Beneficial Insects to the Garden for a list of beneficial insects and the top 3 things you need to do to get them in your yard!

Attracting Beneficial Insects to your Garden #gardentherapy Shelley from Sow & Dipity lists some Natural Garden Remedies for Earth Day that are great to know about!

Natural Garden Remedies for Earth Day Sow and Dipity

Amy from A Healthy Life For Me made these adorable DIY Eggshell Planters

DIY Eggshell Planters #EarthDayProjects #DIY #Craft #Easter #Spring
Carole, the Gardening Cook shares 12 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day including growing  your own herb garden.

DIY Herb Garden Planter in Farmer's Market Display #EarthDayProjects
Barb from Our Fairfield Home & Garden shares 50 ideas to Green Our Lives & Communities like building a raised bed from old shutters!

repurposed shutters into garden bed from Our Fairfield Home and Garden

Tanya – Lovely Greens shows us Planting a Honey Bee Friendly Garden in all seasons.

Planting a Honey Bee Friendly Garden from The Lovely Greens

Lynne  from Sensible Gardening & Living shows us how to deal with garden pests: Kill Them With Kindness / Celebrating Earth Day dragon-fly-sensible-gardening

Love this Earth Day Inspiration by Jacki  from Drought Smart Plants.drought smart plants earth-day-projects

If Earth Day Projects For Kids is on the menu, then Melissa, the Empress of Dirt, has some really creative ideas for turning recycling into garden art.Earth-Day-Projects-For-Kids

This Earth Day, Judy  from Magic Touch & Her Gardens talks composting!compost-holes-the-barefoot-garden


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