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Sweeten Up With These Easy Infused Sugar Recipes

Infused sugar smells divine, tastes decadent, and makes a beautiful gift. I love baking, and adding fragrant sugar to the tops of cookies, cakes, and breads creates a sweet crunch that is to die for! Infused sugar also goes well with tea time. It adds a subtle hint of the herbs or spices to tea, but also makes for a gorgeous presentation when entertaining guests. Since I started making infused sugar and found it to be such a simple project with great results, I have been testing all sorts of combinations of flavors around the kitchen. infused sugar with herbs spices and flowers

You can also whip up a batch of infused sugar quickly for a pretty homemade gift idea. Just add some herbs, flowers, and/ or spices with the sugar into a Mason jar and pop on a pretty label. It’s a nice way to tell someone that you are sweet on them.

Here are some idea for herbs, spices, and other flavors to add to your sugar:

Make it!

To make your own infused sugar simply add your herbs, spices, flowers, or fruit to a Mason jar, cover with sugar, and shake it up.

The amount of ingredients you add will vary depending on what you are using and your own personal tastes, but in general you will want around a quarter cup of herbs or spices for each cup of sugar. More sugar will make the infused flavor more subdued, less sugar will make it more intense.

Lid the jar and set it aside in a cool dark place for a few weeks before checking to see if it has the flavor concentration you like. When you are happy with it, strain out the sugar, discard the herbs etc., and re-seal the sugar in the jar.

Here are three of my favorites:

Vanilla Spice,Vanilla Spice Infused Sugar

Lavender,Lavender Infused Sugar

and Citrus.Citrus Infused Sugar


What about the cool labels? Well you can find those on my Evermine blog post: infused sugar recipes.


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