Gardening Is Cheaper Than Therapy And You Get Tomatoes Framed Print

Gardening is Cheaper Than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes

I love this quote. I mean, is there any better feeling than digging outside in the sunshine, smelling the fresh air and soil, whilst birds and bees flit around you?

Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes Free Printable

For me this is heaven. A day out in the garden, or even just a few moments, can help to turn a frown upside down. It puts a spring in your step. It works out the bugs in your psyche while you pick hornworms off your tomatoes.

All year I will be sharing a whole bunch of freebies with you, from monthly calendars to canning labels. Please take this lovely quote and frame it. Or make it your wallpaper. Or put it on your phone to remind yourself that your road rage can be turned into radicchio with a simple flick of the hoe.

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes  - framed print

Who’s with me? Let’s print our mantra and get out there this year to get dirty and enjoy all that the garden has to offer.

Printable: Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes 8×10

Mobile Wallpaper: Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes 320×480

If you want a place to start your therapy, why not check out the over 450 projects here on Garden Therapy? You can find gardening projects, crafts, weekend DIYs, and even recipes.

Your tomatoes are waiting.

About the Author : Stephanie Rose

A city girl who learned to garden and it changed everything. Author, artist, Master Gardener. Better living through plants.

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  1. Melissa
    MelissaJanuary 16,14

    Sweet printable and so true – gardening is much cheaper than therapy!

  2. Stephanie
    StephanieJanuary 16,14

    Thanks Melissa!

  3. denny hemlin
    denny hemlinJanuary 19,14

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  4. Linda aka Crafty Gardener
    Linda aka Crafty GardenerJanuary 20,14

    Can’t wait to get back to gardening … right now all gardens are buried under lots of white snow and ice. But garden planning is going on inside my head … perfect therapy to beat those winter blues.

  5. Jo-Anna
    Jo-AnnaJanuary 20,14

    I love this! For me this is SO true…when I’m in the garden I never feel so good as when I’m planting something! I wish our summers weren’t so short!

  6. Debra
    DebraAugust 16,14

    Thank you so much for this site. I love the posters and have them hanging in my home office. Gardening is truly my form of therapy, and this site speaks to my garderner’s heart!

    Can’t wait to explore the rest of the site.

    Good job!

  7. Stephanie
    StephanieAugust 16,14

    Thanks Debra, your feedback means so much to me! I’m glad that you like the prints and hope that it reminds you to get out to the garden too! xoxo Stephanie

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