Green And Purple Grapes

Homemade Grape Soda

I picked some green grapes this past week from the community plot and since I was also given a bunch of concord grapes, I processed them in a food mill.  The result was a strong flavoured grape syrup I used to make the best ever grape soda.

First I cooked the grapes to loosen their skins.



I then ran them through the food mill which left me with a thick pulp.  The mill did a pretty good job of removing the skins, but even with the finest screen on the seeds still got through.  I look forward to trying it again to make applesauce.

I strained the pulp through a fine sieve, cooled it down, added some soda and, voila, homemade grape soda.  It looks pretty much the same as the blackberry cordial I made a few weeks ago but the flavour is completely different (like comparing grapes and blackberries).


If I ran it through a jelly bag I would have had a clearer liquid, but I didn’t have one and I certainly don’t mind the homemade look of this drink.  It tasted so good that it was gone in an instant anyhow.  Luckily I still have lots of syrup left over to make more.

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  1. Melanie
    MelanieSeptember 30,10

    That looks delicious Stevie. I usually make jam with concord grapes. I haven’t seen any in the supermarkets up here, yet, this year.

  2. Gardenmom29
    Gardenmom29September 30,10

    This looks great. I don’t have access to free organic grapes, but I am intrigued by the idea of making my own sodas. I didn’t realize it was so easy. Wonderful idea!

  3. meemsnyc
    meemsnycSeptember 30,10

    I made grape soda the other day, I used seltzer and it was awesome.

    Processed a lot of grapes. Hooray.

  4. Diane
    DianeSeptember 30,10

    Found your post via twitter, and love this idea of fresh natural soda, and it is so pretty too.

  5. Wendy
    WendyOctober 3,10

    This looks so nice and refreshing.

    I love the idea of making these fruit concentrates and syrups.

    A foodmill is next on my wish list.

  6. Grace
    GraceOctober 4,10

    And so healthy too!

  7. Laura
    LauraOctober 23,10

    That sounds so good! Your full of good ideas!

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