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Using Large Leaves to Cast Concrete Stepping Stones

Using large leaves from your garden to cast concrete is a fun and simple project that will inexpensively create lots of stepping stones. Imagine all the secret pathways you could create!

Hosta Leaf Concrete Stepping Stone DIY

I tried this project the first time when making stepping stones and concrete planters from Concrete Garden Projects. At the end of my project I had some left over concrete so I plucked a leaf of this gorgeous blue Hosta and loved the result.

blue big leaf hosta

The Hosta is back in full glory and the lone stepping stone surely need a few companions. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

 Garden Stepping Stones Molded from Hosta Leaf


  • dry concrete
  • wheelbarrow or large bucket
  • water source (hose, watering can)
  • tarp
  • vegetable oil or cooking spray
  • large leaves (hosta, rhubarb, gunnera, etc)
  • rubber gloves


1. Begin by gathering large leaves from around the garden. Choose firm leaves without tears or holes.

2. Protect hands with rubber gloves and mix concrete according to instructions. Choose a lightweight concrete mix (less gravel) for a smoother finished product; choose a heavier-weight concrete mix (more gravel) if the stones will be in high traffic areas. Consistency should be on the drier, firmer side. Add more dry mix if it is too runny.

3. Working on the tarp or some plastic bags, spray the front of the leaf thoroughly with cooking spray or brush with oil.

How to Make a Large Leaf Imprint Garden Stepping Stone

4. Mound concrete onto the leaf and pat it all around to compress the concrete and remove air bubbles.

5. Allow to dry/cure according to concrete instructions.

6. When completely hardened, peel off the leaf and use a chisel / hammer to remove any wonky bits from the edges.

 Garden Path Stepping Stones made from Large Hosta Leaf

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  1. Inspirational! I do wonder though. It appears you packed the concrete into the “back”, concave of the leaf not the front/top. Instructions say oil the front of the leaf. A bit confusing.

  2. Is there anywhere I can buy the rhubarb leaf stepping stones? either in Vancouver or Vancouver Island? I have seen the bird bath leafs too and they look great! Thanks, Tracy

    • Hi Tracy, they are so easy to make, perhaps reach out to a local facebook gardening group and ask is anyone wants to make you one?


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