Ice Cream Cake in Mason Jars Recipe

Mason Jar Ice Cream Cake, Oh Yeah!

Mason jars make everything more fun, right? Add them to ice cream cake and you are in a whole other world of happiness. Seriously, personal ice cream cake! Yup, that’s just about the best thing ever. Here is how to make it. 

Ice Cream Cake in Mason Jars Recipe


  • 2 different flavours of ice cream x 1 L each, softened
  • 2 packages of chocolate wafer cookies
  • 3/4 cup butter
  • 1 jar chocolate sauce
  • wide mouth mason jars with lids


1. Reserve a few cookies for crumble on the top.  Grind up the rest of the cookies in a food processor until you get a fine crumble.

2. Melt butter and pour over cooking crumbs, mix well so that it sticks together when pinched. Press the cookie crust into each mason jar and freeze.

3. Spread first flavour of ice cream onto frozen crust and freeze.

4. Spread chocolate sauce onto first layer of ice cream and freeze.

5. Spread second flavour of ice cream onto frozen chocolate sauce, screw lid on, and freeze.

6. Serve with a few cookies crumbled on top and a strong spoon.

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Cake

My version has vanilla bean on the bottom, chocolate cherry on top, and dark chocolate sauce in the middle.  It was heaven.

Ice Cream Cake


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  1. Aimee
    AimeeAugust 30,12

    I should make this one, just because , no reason the idea..

  2. Paula
    PaulaSeptember 5,12

    Oh my that looks sooooooo delicious. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our What’s it Wednesday linky party. I hope you can join us.


  3. Jacqui
    JacquiSeptember 18,12

    How many jars did this yield?

  4. Marty Walden
    Marty WaldenJune 19,13

    These are adorable! I’m featuring you on my fb page tomorrow. Have a great day!

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