Sprouting Beans Peas In Mason Jars

Mason Jar Sprouts: Mung Beans and Green Peas

Sprouting is a quick and easy way to grow some nutritious, crunchy veg to add to your diet in the winter months.  I’ve previously shared how much I love using my automatic sprouter, but it’s just as easy with a mason jar and a windowsill. While I like my automatic sprouter for masses of alfalfa, fenugreek, clover, radish, and broccoli sprouts that grow tall and last for weeks in the tray, mason jar sprouts are a good choice for crunchy beans and peas. If you start today, you will be adding them to the salad bowl or wok in about 4 days.

Mason Jar Sprouts

Many places sell a bean mix that contains a variety of different lentils, peas and beans. I used mung beans (these are the beans that sprout the long white bean sprouts you typically find in Asian food) and green peas as I like the combination of starchy and sweet flavor. Plus they both sprout in 3-4 days so they are compatible for timing.

Mason Jar Sprouts

Fill a 1L mason jar 1/4 of the way with dried organic beans/peas. Cover them with water and leave on your counter to soak overnight, 8-12 hours. Cut a square of cheesecloth and secure it tightly with a canning jar ring. Strain off water and set back down on your counter. Rinse the jar contents now 4 x per day, straining off all of the liquid.

Sprout salad

After 4 days or so, the contents of the jar will sprout and the jar will start to fill up—it’s time to eat them! Add raw to salads and sandwiches or toss into stir-fries and soups. I have also heard of people adding them to smoothies, although I’m not tripping over myself to try that one. Any other ideas on how to use these sprouts in recipes?

Add sprouts to stir-fry, salads, and sandwiches

See this post featured at At the Picket Fence’s Inspiration Friday and North Coast Gardening’s Miscellany Monday.

Update: I buy my seeds from West Coast Seeds but you can also find them online here.

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  1. maryhysong
    maryhysongMarch 5,12

    When my daughter was living at home and eating vegan we often sprouted different things. When I get chickens again I intend to sprout their grains for more nutrition.

  2. Theresa
    TheresaMarch 6,12

    Pea sprouts have been on my “to do” list for quite a while. I am so going to do this in a mason jar. It looks cute while being practical at the same time. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. Sarah
    SarahMarch 7,12

    I am so excited to try this, and thrilled by maryhysong’s idea about sprouting grains for chickens! Maybe I’ll wait until they’re a bit older, but I suspect my month-old chicks would go crazy for sprouts right now. Any reason to be concerned about possible bacterial growth when sprouting for humans (or precautions to take)?

  4. Ruth
    RuthMarch 8,12

    I’ve wanted to sprout for awhile and I like the cheesecloth/mason jar combo! Do you have suggestions on where to buy the seeds?

  5. Stevie
    StevieMarch 8,12

    Hi Ruth, I’ve added some links in the post so you can find where to buy them. I’m not sure where you live but I’ve included both an American and Canadian source you can buy online.

  6. Laura
    LauraMarch 9,12

    So easy. Thanks for sharing this. I found and followed your lovely blog from The Charm Of Home.

  7. Debbie
    DebbieMarch 10,12

    This is so simple, I think even I could do this without making a major mess. And, getting to eat the fruits of my ‘labor’ is even better.

  8. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.
    Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.March 11,12

    Oh what a great idea! And it looks super easy too!

  9. Heather @ At The Picket Fence
    Heather @ At The Picket FenceMarch 15,12

    Hi Stevie! This is just such an amazing idea, and your photography is gorgeous! We will be sharing your tutorial this week at Inspiration Friday. :)


  10. charlotte
    charlotteMarch 20,12

    I sprouted lentils the other day. It took 2 days. I wasn’t ready!

    • Stevie
      StevieMarch 20,12

      Charlotte – that’s great! It must be warm where you sprouted for them to grow so quickly. They will keep growing over time, so just keep rinsing (and rinsing and rinsing) and they will still be good eatin’. After a few days, when you think that are getting big enough, store them in the fridge (don’t forget to keep rinsing) and they will keep growing but at a MUCH slower rate. Enjoy!

  11. Grace
    GraceApril 13,12

    I am so going to try this! I have read that mung beans should be sprouted in the dark so they are white as they get bitter once they are in the light and turn green. I love sprouts! Can i grow the dried beans or lentils from the grocery or bulk food stores or are they different somehow? Thanks for all the pointers!

  12. Kristina
    KristinaJuly 5,12

    Great idea! I was wondering how long they will stay fresh after they have sprouted? A couple days in the fridge?

    • Stevie
      StevieJuly 5,12

      Hi Kristina,

      They should last in the fridge for about a week as long as you take them out and give them a good solid rinse for 1 minute under cold running water every day. I’d be surprised if they lasted so long without getting eaten though – they are yummy!

  13. Kayla
    KaylaFebruary 10,14

    Are you just using dried lentils from the grocery store?

  14. Stephanie
    StephanieFebruary 11,14

    Hi Kayla, I’ve listed the bean mixes and such in the bold green text above. But I have used lentils from the grocery store and they work just fine for me.

  15. Maggie
    MaggieJanuary 3,15

    I just found your blog and I am so excited to try sprouting for myself!

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