Women's Day Feb 2013 Branch Out

Branching Out: My Project in Women’s Day

If you don’t have the February 2013 issue of Women’s Day magazine yet, then go get it! I’ll wait….

…Ok, now turn to page 48. Yup, that’s me and my branch coat rack project in Genius Ideas (why, thank you.).

A few months ago I was contacted by the magazine about the Branch Coat Rack project I shared on Women’s Day’s DIY Pinterest Board. I was happy to share the project and have been looking forward to how they would design it for the magazine. Here is the result.

Women's Day Feb 2013 Branch Out

I love their take on the project with silver sprayed branches and a rosy pink back board. I still also love the colours I used for my coat rack, with white branches and natural wood back, but it just goes to show you how a DIY project can take on a personal flare.  Here is the original:

What do you think: do you love the pink and silver, the more natural look, or do you have your own ideas?

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  1. Shelley@SJD
    [email protected]January 7,13

    Yay Stevie! I LOVE this with the branches! In fact, I have a whole bag I collected this past holiday from the forest behind our place…and think I might do this! Need something at the entry!! Congrats girl!!

  2. Nicole
    NicoleJanuary 7,13

    Yay indeed! This is awesome..I would so frame it!! Can I become a Genius by osmosis in 2013 pls. I’ll let you know when I’m town maybe we can have genius drinks and make genius plans for world domination!! Congrats!!!

  3. Victoria @ The FAT Paint Company
    Victoria @ The FAT Paint CompanyJanuary 8,13

    So very cool!! Congrats to you!!!

  4. Sheila @sZinteriors
    Sheila @sZinteriorsJanuary 9,13

    Congratulations again! This is so exciting :-) I like the more natural look, but can definitely see how the pink & silver would fit right in!

  5. Tina
    TinaJanuary 9,13

    Congrats on the spread! Love the project! <3

  6. Sandi
    SandiJanuary 22,13

    WAY. TO. GO!

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