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Nail Polish Marbled Pots to Liven Up Your Plants

Unless you have spent all of your free time out in the garden instead of browsing Pinterest trends, then you have probably seen someone using nail polish to marble something. The craze started from nail artists adding a few colors of polish to water, then dipping fingers in there. The finger comes out a mess of polish but some quick work of the remover leaves behind a marbled nail polish manicure that looks fantastic. Fantastic enough for crafters everywhere to start marbling anything that isn’t nailed down. I’ve created a variation of this concept for the garden with these nail polish marbled pots.variegated sage in a DIY nail polish marbled terracotta garden pot

There is a reason why crazes like this become so popular. It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s inexpensive. In fact, you probably have everything you need at home right now to whip up a few painted pots.

Wouldn’t these make great gifts? Add some fresh herbs to the pot and a message like,

Thank you for your sage advice and thyme.

For All Your Sage Advice and Thyme

Now you have a pretty great Mother’s Day/Thank you/Teacher Appreciation gift at the tip of your fingers (see what I did there?).

If you want to make some of these gorgeous marbled pots in just 30 minutes (yeah, that’s including set up and clean up), then go grab your box of old polish and meet me back here for the step-by-step.

Oh, and if you are that person gardening outdoors rather than dreaming of gardens indoors, then good for you! Your garden must look fabulous enough to put on Pinterest.Terracotta Pot Makeover using Nail Polish


  • Clay plant pot
  • Plastic tub large enough for the pot to fit in lengthwise
  • Nail polish in 3 complementary colors
  • BBQ skewer
  • Tongs or rubber gloves
  • Parchment paper
  • Small potted sage and thyme or other herbs, flowers, or plants
  • Potting soil

To Make the Pot:

Nail Polish Marbling garden pots

Fill a large plastic tub with warm water. Working quickly, add in a few drops of nail polish in at least three colors and stir them up a bit with the skewer. Start with just a few drops of nail polish; you can always add more when you get the hang of it. Too much nail polish can result in a gloppy texture and muddled colors.How to nail polish marble with water

Dip the plant pot into the water using the tongs and turn it to cover all sides. The nail polish should adhere to the pot easily.paint dipping pots

Set the pot to dry on a sheet of parchment paper and repeat the process again if you want more paint coverage.paint marbling pots

Didn’t they turn out wonderfully?!

variegated sage and thyme in a DIY nail polish marbled terracotta garden pot


variegated thyme in a DIY nail polish marbled terracotta garden pot


  1. Hi Linda, I didn’t think they needed it. The polish stays on just fine and I like the contrast in texture. Also, the pots are still porous this way. It certainly can’t hurt though.

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  3. Hi Stephanie! How have these pots held up for you outdoors? Chipping, fading, rain, freezing, etc.?
    LOVE THEM!!!

    • Hi EB, no different than the pot, the nail polish is sturdier than the terracotta pot is so care for it like you would any outdoor pot. Have fun!


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