How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

Keep Blooms Beautiful with a DIY Orchid Humidity Tray

Your home has a number of different microclimates in it. As you move from room to room, the light, temperature, and humidity can change drastically. Not only that, but these variables can also jump up and down all day long. Creating the right conditions is the first step to having beautiful houseplants.How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

This DIY orchid humidity tray will help the stunning blooms last longer and keep your plants much happier. And it can be used for a whole host of humidity-loving plants as well.

Think of those tropical plants that originated in the jungle or rain forest, where moisture hangs in the air. Those plants just love a humid space in your home. Kitchens and bathrooms can be a good space, as the steam from washing and cooking will fill the air they breathe. In most other rooms, especially in colder months when they are heated, the air is dry. Misting orchids and tropical houseplants can certainly help, but it needs to be done much more regularly than I can remember to do it. This DIY orchid humidity tray takes seconds to put together and even less time to maintain. Plus, it looks pretty, which is always a bonus in my books.How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

DIY Orchid Humidity Tray


  • Orchid pot
  • Drip tray that is at least 1″ larger than the base of the plant pot
  • Cork trivet (optional)
  • Hot glue gun and glue (optional)
  • Decorative stones

Make it!

This is not a difficult project to assemble, but the key is finding the right materials. Hopefully, you have your orchid in an orchid pot. If not, transplant it into a pot with large holes that promote air circulation. As much as orchids like humidity, they do like to keep their roots dry. Many orchids have a plastic orchid pot inside of a decorative ceramic pot. Be sure that the decorative pot has drainage holes to avoid the roots sitting in any standing water.

Choose a drip tray for below the orchid pot that is at least an inch larger than the base of the plant. A deep tray that is larger than the base will allow for more water and therefore more humidity. If you will be setting the pot on a wood table or other surface susceptible to water damage, glue a round cork trivet to the underside of the tray.How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

Fill the tray with decorative stones, pebbles, or glass stones. The material you choose is up to you, but larger stones (a half inch to an inch in size) will make the tray easier to clean and store more water.How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

Fill the tray with water to just below the top of the rocks and set the orchid pot on top.How to Make an Orchid Humidity Tray

Top up the water as it evaporates and wash the tray and stones every month to keep it clean.

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