How To Make Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Making pinecone bird feeders is a super simple & family-friendly project that will get you outside for a little garden therapy, even in the cold. Backyard birds need food in the winter, especially where it gets cold enough to snow, so take a little time to spread the love (and some peanut butter) for your feathered friends.

DIY Pinecone Bird Feeders


  • Dried, open pinecones
  • Peanut butter
  • Garden wire, twine or ribbon
  • Mixed birdseed
  • Plastic containers or plates, spoons, and scissors

Make it!

1.  Pick out a pinecone that has dried and opened up.

How to make pine cone bird feeders

2. Tie a length of wire or twine around the perimeter of the top third of the pinecone and secure firmly.  Close the loop at the top by tying a knot or twisting securely, so that the pinecone feeder won’t fall out of the tree when birds are sitting on it.

How to make pine cone bird feeders

3. Using a spoon, spread/smoosh/smear peanut butter into the crevices of the pinecone.  You don’t need a whole lot of peanut butter; just enough glopped around so it will allow the birdseed to stick.

How to make pine cone bird feeders

4.  Pour birdseed into container. Place the peanut butter-covered pinecone in the seed and toss the seed over top and all around.  Really get in there and pack the seeds into the crevices and stick it to the outsides.  The finished product will look like a little seed ball.

How to make pine cone bird feeders

How to make pine cone bird feeders

5. Decorate with ribbons if you would like, then hang them in the trees and wait for the birds to come.  It won’t be long.

 How to make pine cone bird feeders

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  1. Aimee
    AimeeJanuary 2,12

    Oh, I’ve been making these since I was a little girl – still do! Such a great project for kids too, and the birds love them. Best part is you can keep slathering them up with food and use them all winter long! Happy bird feeding!

  2. Honey
    HoneyJanuary 2,12

    Precious…and so are the birdfeeders!

  3. Jamie
    JamieJanuary 3,12

    What a fun post. The girls and I have been collecting pine cones for a couple days now for a few different projects. Bird feeders being one of them. Thank you so much for following DIY Home Sweet Home and bringing me closer to my goal.

  4. The Southern Product Queen
    The Southern Product QueenJanuary 3,12

    It’s linky party time again! This post would be great at it if you wanna share it! Here is the link!

  5. Lauren
    LaurenJanuary 3,12

    I love this. What a great project to do outdoors!

    I’d love for you to share:

  6. Marty@A Stroll thru Life
    [email protected] Stroll thru LifeJanuary 4,12

    Now this is such a great idea. Love it. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. The Southern Product Queen
    The Southern Product QueenJanuary 4,12

    Thank you so much for joining my linky party! This post rocks!

  8. claire rose
    claire roseJanuary 5,12

    This looks amazing-I’m your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  9. Debra@CommonGround
    [email protected]January 5,12

    These are great projects, especially for the kiddos! thanks for the “how-to”, and thanks for linking up to VIF!

  10. Natasha
    NatashaJanuary 7,12

    My kids will love making these!

    Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday Link Party, hope to see you there again this week

    Natasha xx

  11. Lauren
    LaurenJanuary 7,12

    I just wanted to pop back in & thank you for linking up. You are this week’s feature!

  12. Honey
    HoneyJanuary 7,12

    Thanks for sharing this great idea at Potpourri Friday!

  13. Tonia @ The Gunny Sack
    Tonia @ The Gunny SackJanuary 8,12

    Such a fun project! My daughter made some treats to put out for the birds recently and she had so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Melody of
    Melody of chattychics.comJanuary 10,12

    What a great idea to do with kids! Can’t wait to try this when my son gets big enough! Thank you for sharing with my group. Please come share again tomorrow if you can!

  15. Sherry
    SherryJanuary 11,12

    Thank you for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  16. Holly Bose (Your Gardening Friend)
    Holly Bose (Your Gardening Friend)January 6,14

    What a great idea.

    I’ve seen something like this with toilet paper rolls, but this is so much better! The pinecones are from trees (as are birds), they’re nature-y, free (no toilet paper purchase necessary) :) , and reusable.

    With the winter storm, I’m home today and enjoying watching the birds feast at our feeders. I’ll have to try this, too, once the weather warms up and I can look for pinecones.

  17. Kerry C
    Kerry CApril 26,16

    Hiya, Thanks for the idea – I tried making these with my 1 year old and 3 year old – a bit of a challenge as they both just wanted to eat the peanut butter – lol! There was a little bit of peanut butter left over to make some pinecone feeders and the birds in our garden have loved them – especially Woody the greater spotted woodpecker!

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