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Pink Grapefruit Soap Recipe

I make all of my own soap because it is fun to do, makes thoughtful gifts, and is really great for my skin. One of my very favorite blends is this pink grapefruit soap that I made using this process. The bright citrus scent is invigorating and smells good enough to eat.

pink grapefruit and lavender handmade cold process soap recipe


Recipe Update: The original recipe for this soap was submitted by a natural soap book author and thanks to your feedback I made my own version that is palm oil free. This recipe for Pink Grapefruit Soap is now 70% olive oil and 30% coconut oil, making it moisturizing and luxurious. I’ve also outlined some easy steps to get the two-tones of my bars.

This soap is sure to put a spring in your step, just when you need it most in the morning. The refreshing scent combined with moisturizing coconut, grapeseed, and olive oils makes for a soap that smells amazing and leaves skin feeling soft and replenished.

Pink Grapefruit Soap Recipe

This bar has a great scent to wake you up! Pink clay and ratanjot give this soap it’s color, but it’s up to you whether you want to add that or not. Without them, the bar will be yellowish (like olive oil). Just omit the color powders if you decide to leave the bar uncolored—it will still smell awesome.


Make it!

Head over to this post on how to make cold process soap and follow those instructions, substituting in the ingredients listed above. Be sure to take safety precautions and wear protection when working with lye, and work in a well-ventilated space.

Note: to color the soap, I split the batch into two bowls at trace and quickly added pink clay to one and ratanjot to the other. I then poured them side by side into a milk carton.

More soap to make:







    • Can I substitute another oil for
      The grapeseed? Also what about adding other clay ( Indian healing ) for the pink clay? I know it’s for color, but just wondered. I’m new to soap making but have most of the ingredients and want to give it a go. Your soaps look great! Also can you tell me if you have any recipe using charcoal and salt ?

      Many thanks 🙏

  1. How did you get your grapefruit e.o to stay in your soap. With Orange I use the 10x and it works like a charm.

  2. Hi! I love this recipe and trace was very easy to achieve. I am an intermediate cold process soap maker and I used this recipe but my soap was in the mold for 48 hours and I removed it today and it was very soft and hard to remove. Any tips?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Skylar, I’ve messaged the author for more tips, but in the meantime, can you cut a bar of soap off each end of the batch, then let that air dry, then cut another bar off each end and keep going that way? I have to do that with soft soap like coconut milk soap that takes a while to cure.


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