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Wait Until You See This Terrarium Nightlight!

Terrarium by day, mystical glowing orb by night, this terrarium nightlight has a special twist: it lights up the evening!

Make this unique glow-in-the-dark terrarium with real plants to use as a night light

For those of us who prefer to sleep with a little glow, this unique nightlight gives off just enough light so that you don’t stub your toe on the furniture during late-night washroom trips. The terrarium is simple to make and care for, and all you need is four materials.How to make night light terrariums

“But why would the plants need light at night?”,  you ask. They don’t, the light in this terrarium is just for you. Being just a nightlight, it is not enough that it will cause the plants any harm.This cute terrarium is also a nightlight!



Make a very cool nightlight with these materials

Make it!

Gather materials for this project from a garden center or florist shop. Any glass vase or bowl will work well, but I like the look of these round, fishbowl-shaped glass terrariums. Reindeer moss comes in a rainbow of colors, so choose one that compliments your room. Small tropical indoor plants make the best choices for terrariums in rooms with lower light levels. You could also use air plants in a room that is bright during the day.Nightlight Terrarium materials

Create a nest out of reindeer moss in glass bowl. Make a little room for the plant to nestle in (in its pot). Adjust the moss to cover the pot from all sides.Add a waterproff LED light to make a glowing terrarium

Look for a waterproof LED light for your terrarium. You can find some here. Set the light in the terrarium and cover the top with a bit of moss, enough so that it dims the light slightly but also hides it during the day.Glowing terrarium tutorial

This light twists on and off so you can easily choose the setting. You could also look for lights on a timer if you wanted to use the light while falling asleep only.Use a waterproof LED light to make a nightlight terrarium

Set the terrarium where you plan to use it and water plants regularly when dry. The small pots will quickly become too small, so repot the plants as they grow bigger and require more space for the roots.

make nightlight terrariums



  1. Interesting idea! Never seen one before. Only knew to make terrarium for table centerpiece but adding light has given it a unique look. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How innovative! Terrariums are great in general but to serve as a night light is not something I would have thought of trying! It is inconspicuous and looks fabulous as well! Thanks for posting!

  3. This is adorable! My daughter will love helping to make couple for her new flower themed bedroom.

  4. Love the idea. Yet, do the waterproof LED lights have batteries that require changing?
    Just wondering.
    Rachel Cargill
    Somerset, CA

    • Hi Rachel, yes they do BUT they use so little energy that they don’t need to be changed often. I’ve had mine for years and they have not needed changing yet.


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