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Terrarium Wedding Favors

I love making up little terrariums with Air Plants and sand as gifts and would love even more to get one as a wedding favor. These little guys are really simple to put together and can also be used as table decor.

 Mini Air Plant Terrarium Wedding favor

Tillandsias are more commonly known as Air Plants as they do not need soil to live. They naturally live by latching onto larger plants with their roots and collecting water and nutrients through their leaves. Without soil, air plants make fun and low maintenance house plants. They can be displayed in just about any vessel, from a pretty ceramic bowl or gnarled piece of wood. You can read All About Air Plants here.

terrarium wedding favor


Create a festive terrarium by filling the bottom of a pretty glass vessel with a bit of colored sand and setting the air plant inside. To make the topper, grab a bunch of wood coffee stir sticks position one 2” circle label on the top of a stir stick, and cover the back with another label.

Air Plant care couldn’t be easier. Even though they don’t need soil, they still need light, water, and air. Set up your Air Plant in a bright location but out of direct sunlight. To water, remove the plant from the terrarium and soak for 1-2 hours a week in de-chlorinated water (tap water that has been set out for 24 hours allowing the chlorine to evaporate). If your Air Plant stays in an open vessel like these glass bowls, it will get enough air to stay happy. That’s it!

Check out the full DIY instructions at the My Own Ideas blog.


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